What to Look For When Comparing Content Delivery Networks

What to Look For When Comparing Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks are particularly designed to tailor the need of hosting piles of large files and providing streaming services on your website. CDNs serve as the host of website content and ensure the quick content delivery within your website. It sometimes also performs the same job for the entire website making it extremely impressive even during huge traffic hours. Moreover, CDNs allow website visitors to easily stream the videos within the website or download any file from the page without dropping the performance

Usually, deciding on the best CDN services depends on a number of factors that are also vital for comparing different content delivery networks. These factors include advanced security features, number of data centers, pricing, special technology etc.

However, Content Delivery Network comparison or evaluation can be quite difficult because of various features and technology used. The best content delivery solution is always easy-to-use, and comes with powerful attributes and a simple pay-as-you-go pricing. Various new kinds of CDNs allow simple acceleration of any website content.

Some experts also compare content delivery networks in term of pricing and types of CDN products, tools and services offered by different providers. The best provider is the one who offers globally low start-price with quality services. Besides, pay-as-you-go plan, there are companies that charge their customers per bandwidth or per month CDN service. Several providers offer CDN accounts that go without any subscriptions or packages but still are advantageous in term of volume dependant discounts.

Another aspect to look for during content delivery network comparison is that the CDN model is presenting everything in real time. Quality CDNs are engineered to fulfill the requirements of a complex landscape of information technology while its new zone is always ready for worldwide functionality within a few minutes. Also, its raw logs are presented in the dashboard for an absolute real time experience.

CDN has a number of advanced content delivery technologies like Origin Shield, HTTP/2, OCSP stapling and real-time raw log forwarding. These technologies improve a range of CDN models’ performances, and ensure an exceptional and quality user-experience every time.

When doing a Content Delivery Network comparison, it’s imperative to keep in mind that the best networks are totally transparent about their pricing and have no hidden charges. It’s also important to see what large area a CDN is covering for its customers at the same lowest global price.


In order to choose the best CDN for your website, you need to take care of three important characteristics. First of all, look for various pricing plans offered by different CDN providers, and match your required data transfer activities with their price. Secondly, find out what security features the CDN platform has to offer you; whether you are able to customize different security options within the platform or can obtain utmost protection against possible attacks and threats by hackers and spammers. Lastly, verify if the CDN platform can provide you the maximum pace and high performance needed by your web content. Usually, the number of data centers a CDN provider has can signify their overall server performance.

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