Career in Marketing: How to Start Off on the Right Foot

Career in Marketing: How to Start Off on the Right Foot

Everyone’s talking about marketing, and they all seem to be having fun working in this field, so why shouldn’t I try it? That’s a rather good question to ask yourself. You could be a programmer, athlete or unemployed, and still have good chances and starting off a marketing career. However, dancing on this floor requires you to know the moves, and that’s exactly why you need every single advice you can get, if you want to go down this interesting yet challenging road.

Love your industry

Okay, so there are some marketing activities that you have to handle. Are you excited that you’re about to do them? Do you look forward to the end results? How would you feel if your tasks didn’t provide the outcome that you were expecting? If participating in those activities makes you exhausted, turns your smile upside down and makes you not look forward to the next working day, you’re in a big trouble. You should love your profession, which is fast-changing and extremely challenging, if you really want to succeed at it.

Always focus on the core

Even though the smallest things can sometimes mean the world to us, it’s still a very good pattern to focus on the key questions and key activities. For example, when you dig out some data that you’re about to use, why wouldn’t you first invest some time into finding out who came up with this data and how did they do it. Remember to question everything you’re dealing with, and this is not some pessimist-like advice, it’s just the reality speaking.

Education is tremendously important

It’s very important to realize that education plays a crucial role in your life. Studying at the right university and getting the best lectures can turn you into a great person and offer you amazing career opportunities. Milan’s RM Istituto, for instance, boasts one of the most progressive programs in advertising. ‘The main objectives of our new master in advertising,’ explains the Director of this faculty Pasquale Volpe, ‘are to inspire young international talents to expand their education with a top-level contemporary program in Milan and properly prepare them for exciting careers in this dynamic field.’

Rejection could be better than acceptance

While nobody guarantees that every, or even any, job you get is going to allow you to further invest in yourself and expand your knowledge, it’s guaranteed that every job that you DON’T get is a highly valuable lesson. The amount of information and feedback you can get from receiving a single “No” from a company is the key to knowing how and what to work on, in order to become a better version of yourself.

Start some side projects

The importance of working on side projects is unbelievably large. First of all, it’s always good to have something personal that you’re dealing with, because you’re the only one responsible for its success. The next thing is that you’re constantly working on side passions that could just teach you some additional skills, or maybe even help you realize that you’re passionate about something else. Finally, what’s your excuse for not having a side thing to increase your monthly income and prevent you from playing video games or watching random content in your free time?

Be generous

I promise you there’s not a single bad thing about helping others without expecting anything in return, but rest assured that you can benefit off it greatly. Naturally, you’ll feel better knowing that you’ve helped someone who didn’t have much free time available, and why shouldn’t you help if you’re capable of doing such thing? Never expect the karma to pay you back for helping others, but keep in mind that people won’t forget moments when they received the much-needed help.

It’s pretty annoying knowing how many guides and tutorials are out there, especially since they all rely on statements such as ‘yet nobody knows for sure what’s going to happen, so good luck.’ There is no magic formula, that’s true, but sticking with the above-mentioned recommendations, it’s almost impossible to start off your career badly. Stay passionate, follow your dreams and work hard!

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