Conversion Tracking 101: Most Effective Marketing Efforts for Dentists?

Conversion Tracking 101: Most Effective Marketing Efforts for Dentists?

If you’re running a marketing campaign for a busy dental practice, you probably want to know which campaigns are providing you with the most clients and which are generally more successful. In other words, you want to see which of your marketing efforts are making you the most money. If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at how to analyse your marketing campaigns effectively, so you can do successful conversion tracking and know which are working best for your dental business.

Pick the right CRM software

A dental practice can be marketed a lot like a number of other businesses. And to really make the most of things, you need a good customer relations management package. There are actually a few that have been specifically designed for your industry, so you might want to do a bit of extra research.

The right CRM package will help you analyse leads and create effective marketing campaigns. Most helpfully, it can also be integrated into analytical software to help get the data to show you which of your campaigns are working best for your business. When you know which of your marketing efforts are really working, you’ll be able to create more like them and stop wasting money on ones that aren’t. The right CRM software can really help to sharpen your dental marketing plan.

Set up multiple campaigns

If you want to get the real data to know what works and what does, then set up a few simple trial campaigns. Make sure everything has the right tracker codes and is integrated into your CRM analytics package. Then run some tests…

Run A/B tests

Try different campaigns where you only tweak a few things at a time. Try email campaigns, postal campaigns, and online campaigns. Run tests that’ll give you the data to really know which is working and which isn’t for your business.

Analyse and compare results

Once you’ve been running a few different campaigns for a number of weeks (or months), you’ll then be able to analyse the data. The good thing about most CRM packages is that they’ll let you do this relatively easily. You won’t need to be an expert in finding what works best if you’ve set up your campaigns and testing properly.

Look at which keywords and campaigns are the most effective

When you know which campaigns are working for you, you’ll be able to spend more money on them. You’ll also be able to create new campaigns based on what you’ve learnt so that you can’t wasting money on ineffective marketing efforts. You’ll also learn which keywords are really working for online campaigns, and which aren’t. This sort of information is crucial in creating an effective marketing campaign that makes the most of your budget so that you can start getting more and more clients for your dental practice.

Hopefully, this advice has given you a bit more information on how to track which of your marketing efforts are working well for your business.

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