Digital Parenting – Monitor all Social Networking with BlurSPY

Digital Parenting - Monitor all Social Networking with BlurSPY

Over the years, we have witnessed tremendous changes in technological development and advancement. Now, companies are introducing foldable smartphones that were just an idea five to six years ago. Today we have the thinnest, the most beautiful and smallest devices that make us wonder we have achieved so far in technology.

These entire things- tech, smartphones, tablets, internet, and devices have made our life really easy. We have apps and software for all professions that save us time as well as cost and there are no chances of errors. In other words, technology has been phenomenal in changing human life on this planet. With this, fast internet access and social media platforms have made things even better.

Digital Parenting - Monitor all Social Networking with BlurSPY

But there is a question why we only discuss the positive side and advantages of technology? Why don’t we see the other side and effects of technology, the internet and social media on human life as well as health? Not many people talk about it because they have vested interests in this. Companies also don’t want people to talk about the dark side of the technology otherwise who will buy their products, services, and smartphones.

The Essentials of Digital Parenting

What is digital parenting? Have you ever asked yourself? I am sure most of the parents don’t know about the essentials and qualities of digital parenting. What things make digital parenting effective? In this section, we will talk about these things and how they can be achieved.

Digital parenting is all about using the best and latest technology when it comes to growing kids and children. In the past, parents had no such tools because the tech was not so advanced. But now the dangers and effects of tech can be dealt with tech as well. For example, addiction to social media and the internet can only be controlled with tech and parental spy.

There are many things parents should understand. The growing use of internet and social media among the kids and teens is a matter of great concern for the parents. To control such things, parents should educate their kids, talk to them about the dangers of technology and how they can improve their online safety. Along with this, parents should also use the parental control features of the devices and monitoring apps to track social media of their kids.

Monitor all Social Networking with BlurSPY

We have said that parents should use parental control apps to monitor the use of social media. Yes, BlurSPY is the app parents may need because this app allows parents to monitor the social media use of their kids. This app works with all platforms and you will be able to monitor all the social media platforms and sites.

BlurSPY cell phone spy comes with a number of exciting features that make parenting really easy and convenient. It is important to understand that tracking social media is done in a number of ways. The app also offers two options that can potentially be really used for parenting. Another great thing about BlurSPY is that it works in the background. It becomes invisible so that your kids can’t find the app.

There are two ways you can monitor all social media networks. The first option is to use the screen recording feature of BlurSPY. This feature allows parents to capture the live screen of the phone. You can get access to any social site or app, check messages, conversations, chats as well as the friends of your kids. It will work on all the social platforms.

The other way to monitor social media apps or sites is to use the keylogging feature of BlurSPY. This feature detects the use of keyboard and keystrokes. With this, it determines which words and sentences were written using social sites. So parents will find out what their kids actually talk about, share, write, and comment on any social sites.

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