Dos And Don’ts In A Car Accident

Dos And Don’ts In A Car Accident

Those who have been involved in a car accident or have a loved one involved in one, there are certain dos and don’t which you need to follow in order to protect your rights. It is important to seek legal remedy for the harm that you have suffered. There are certain dos and don’t you need to keep in mind after an auto accident and always remember them.


First and foremost, you need to ask for medical attention immediately after an accident. Do not do anything else except for seeking medical attention. Call the police on the scene of the accident and cooperate with the requirements of the law. You also need to respond to the personnel who are present at the scene. Make sure to get the number on the license plate of those vehicles which were involved in the car accident in addition to the name of the driver, their address, insurance information and telephone number. If you were injured due to an animal bite or an animal attack in the accident, you need to get the name and address of the owner of the animal and their license information. Also list the names and addresses of the witnesses. Make a note of their phone numbers before they leave the place of accident. Contact the health, car and homeowners insurance companies at the earliest. Most importantly, take photos of the scene of the accident from different angles, also take photos of the surrounding areas and the product which has caused you the injury. Also take pictures of the injury and any property damage that was caused to you. Justin Kimball from Preszler Law of Nova Scotia says that both short- and long-term disabilities require evidence to support a claim, but long-term disabilities hold a much higher burden of proof.

You also need to keep a track of all the work you missed because of the accident or the medical appointments. You need to maintain proper records of the medical treatment you received and how you dealt with the injuries physically and emotionally. Post this, you need to get a property damage valuation from an insurance company or from an independent shop if you are not happy with the valuation of the insurance company for the damage caused to your car. Lastly, contact the attorney and take the legal route. If you do not have an attorney, you need to look for a qualified one in your area and hire a personal injury attorney.


You need to be very careful about what you are not supposed to do after the accident. You should not move the vehicle after the accident unless it is extremely necessary. Never put yourself at the risk of being further injured by waiting in the area with high traffic. Until the police asks you to leave the place of accident, do not leave the place. Do not give away any potential proof in the case like car parts that may have come off in the accident. Do not stay in a building or a burning car while seeking help. Move out of the dangerous area and then call the police when you are in a safe place. Stay away from engaging into discussions about whose fault it was and make sure that you do not accept your fault or apologise for anything because it can be considered as an evidence if you were at fault. Never agree to the terms of settlement unless you speak to your attorney and have him review the settlement offer.

These few tips will help you get started in the right direction. It is advisable to meet an experienced attorney when a serious injury is involved. Many accident cases are complicated and it is best to seek the help of a professional instead of handling it by yourself. You will need medical evidence, witnesses and thorough knowledge of the law to succeed. This is where an attorney will make all the difference to your case. They have an expertise of handling car accident cases and know what will make a strong evidence in the court of law. While you focus on your injuries or getting the car repaired, the attorney will focus on building a strong case for you. He will gather the right evidence and will ensure that you receive maximum compensation from the insurance company. He will be your point of contact for everything and will also get the documentation in place.

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