Enhance and Grow Your Business By Touching the Lives of Thousands on the Way

Enhance and Grow Your Business By Touching the Lives of Thousands on the Way

The young buyers of today are smart and educated. They can sense marketing from a mile away. So it is wise to give an authentic quality product instead of some cheap low-quality one. Advertising the brand for precisely what it is and what it stands for is the best chance to stand in the market. The authenticity of a brand matters the most and customers appreciate it the more than anything else.

The best way to spread a word about the concerned brand is to produce their own video. According to the survey, 80% of the brands are using video as the platform for marketing their products. The audience also prefers video content over anything else.

Videos are extensively in use through live-streaming. Live-streaming is gaining popularity as it builds up suspense. Such videos come handy when promoting a commodity, the likes, and usage. If the live-streaming and promotion are taking place in a public area, then there can be a Q&A which further that adds to the promotion of the same. Promoters are taking video marketing very seriously and coming up with new ideas and content all the time.

Roots of the video- the conception should speak for itself

While making a video, a few things should be kept in mind. No, not the technical part but the part where the audience and consumers fit in. After all the video is for your consumers and viewers. Let’s have our basics clear before developing any concept for the video content.

  • Customization of the video according to the platform: – The idea of one video fits all is deceptive. That doesn’t really hold up and work on social media. Different platforms have different requirements, and consumers with a different approach are present in different platforms. So the customization of the videos according to the specifications is necessary. The editing of the video should in terms of message and time based on different platforms, accordingly.
  • Being authentic and real: – The consumers are trying to get a real picture of the commodity in their actual lives. It is important to make the video as real as possible. Honesty is the best policy, after all. So the merchandise featuring should be the main focus; and how is the commodity involved regularly in the day to day lives of the common man is relevant.
  • Textualization: – Adding text to the videos adds a whole new dimension. Sometimes viewers watch the videos in mute, and the text helps in giving a clear idea of the video. Highlighting the key features adds in clearing all second thoughts.
  • Keeping it short and Simple: – The video should not be very long as the views might lose interest and cut short the video. So keeping it simple, realistic and minimal is the key. The first twenty seconds should be impactful and grab the attention of the concerned audience in the targeted dimension.
  • Promotion of the video: – Promoting the video is the crucial part. Sending a video link in every email is a promoting technique. Also adding in the call to action in the social media platforms and emails is highly recommendable.

Videos attract and convert customers

Making videos in the correct arena can attract customers from all the right direction. Here are a few examples.

Videos can be made to create awareness- The most natural way to connect to new customers is through a meaningful video with good content. The most challenging part is getting the content to the viewers so, it is necessary to create interest amongst the customers. The solutions depicting in the content should catch the attention of the viewers, and their focus should not change. Retaining the focus of the viewers is vital because of the fact that the mind can be very slippery.

Lead the video- How the concerned product can ease the pain of the consumer is the next moto. A video leaves a lasting impression on the viewer watching it. So highlighting the product and how it can come in handy is the goal.

Feature real-life customers in the video will connect more with the audiences– The more the video reflects reality the more the viewers can relate to. So what can connect better than a customer him/her self? The audiences can witness the real effects of the brand. The reality will start sinking in slowly.

Create videos to delight the customers- Sheer entertainment but effective. Dropping a video all of a sudden has a huge impact. The matter can be anything relating to the brand or just a Q&A video. But the attention will be immense.

Lastly, a glance at the formats of a video

Explainer videos- These videos work well who want to experiment with animated figurines. The animated figure can say whatever meaningful content without actually giving it a human face. It’s a great way to hide in plain sight yet conveying the message to the right customers and viewers. Explainer videos are a great way to create awareness.

Video testimonials- These videos are a bit different. Here a customer reviews the commodity and expresses feeling regarding it. The product is the main topic, and every relevant aspect is the discussion field in the video.

Educational videos- These videos do not directly pitch marketing. The videos mostly influence by relaying information and building creditability.

Direct sales videos- Here the videos are on point and mostly talk about how the customers can benefit from the commodity or what the customer wants from the commodity.

Video marketing is essential to boom the business. In the near future videos will cover the market altogether. People are likely to buy a product four times more when they watch a video regarding it. A video has a greater influence than any other marketing tool. So these were a few basics of the video marketing that connects to the customers and viewers. The professionals are best equipped to handle the technical part of the video production. They are the professional ones with the knowledge of how to go about the whole procedure.

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