How to Design Converting Landing Page For Your SaaS Website

You have created your services and your website and you are now ready to launch your online business.

But wait a minute, have you considered your landing page design? Well, you should focus your efforts on the landing page. The page is your bait trap to attract and get leads that will later turn into clients.

This article will guide you on how to create a landing page to convert visitors and potential clients into customers.

To start with, let us look at why you need a landing page.

Importance of a landing page

Improve SEO 

Your potential clients will not get to know your business if you don’t optimize it for search engines. Your website-landing page helps you optimize your business website to search engines.

That increases your chances your brand awareness campaigns and reaches many potential clients.

Generate Leads

Your landing page is the great lead generating funnel of your website. Through the page, you convert your visitors by showing them your service offers and how it will help them solve their pain points.

Helps you make your offers

Your clients need to know what you offer the moment they reach your website. Through your landing page, you create and place your offer to your prospective clients.

The page helps you explain to your potential clients how your offer can help them solve their problems. 

Allow integration with your marketing channels

The website is not your only source to get clients to your online shop. With a landing page, you can integrate it with your other marketing channels like email marketing and social media accounts.

You can also integrate it with apps like live chat to provide the best experience to your customers.

Now that you know the importance of landing page, let us look at how to design a landing page that converts.

How to Create a Landing Page That Converts

Use simple navigation

If your prospective clients cannot navigate your website, they will leave your website in a matter of seconds. 

To avoid that, it is essential to have simple navigation for your landing page. Let your leads know in a flash of a second what you offer and why you are the best fit for them.

Use an attractive image

An image is worth a 1000 words, that’s what the old saying goes. It is important to include an attractive image on your landing page. 

Your image should be captivating to attract leads to your landing page. It should relate to the services you offer your prospective clients.

Include social proof

It is essential to include social proofs in your landing page to build trust with your potential clients. 

Include testimonies of your previous clients who bought your services and enjoyed them. It is essential to include your social media sharing buttons. 

All these efforts and tactics help you build credibility with your potential client and make it easy to convert them to clients.

Fast loading speeds

Website loading speeds matter to your business and to your potential clients. You can have great services you can offer to potential clients but if your website pages are slow to load you lose all your prospective clients to your customers.

Are you sure you can watch your prospective clients leave your website to your competitor? I doubt that. Well, then you have to work on your website speeds.

Consider a hosting site that will give you and user users a great faster website loading experience.

You can visit Host advice website for reviewing the best vpn hosting services and website loading speeds services. 

Lead capture form

Your lead capture page helps you collect your potential clients’ information so you can nurture them along the buyer journey stages and convert them to clients.

One effective way to capture leads is to use a lead magnet. This is an offer you give your prospective clients in exchange for their details like their names and email addresses.


Use attractive headline for your landing page. Keep it free from grammar errors and make it attractive to capture the attention of your clients.

Use a short headline, which is consistent with your website message. It should be specific and clear to your prospective clients. 

Have a headline that will let your prospective clients say” well, this was specifically meant for me”

Your headline should stand out from your competitors and focus on the main benefit your clients will get from your services.

Place your offer above the fold

It is essential to place your service offer at the top of your landing page. Potential clients rarely scroll down the page to know what you offer. 

When at the top, it makes it easy for prospective clients to know what you offer at an instant and determine if it is a good fit for their problems that are experiencing.

Designing your website is just part of the work, it is essential to measure how your landing page effectiveness. Ways to measure how effective your website includes:

Conversion rate. This is the number of website visitors who take a desirable action on your website as filling your contact form. If your landing page has high conversion it is a clear indicator your services satisfy your potential clients.

Average time on the page. The time visitors spend on your website helps you gauge its effectiveness. Clients will stay for a long time on your landing page and convert if it is effective.

Referrals. Clients will refer others to your website if it helps them solve their challenges and lead to high conversions. 

Other traffic sources are direct traffic where leads search your website URL on search engines. Search visitors traffic come from leads that reach your site through search question.


Landing page for your website is essential for your lead conversion and determines the sales and ROI from your business.

It is essential to take time and create your website-landing page. Great website page will help you convert build a business empire and grow your sales and brand.



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