What’s The State Of Today’s Online Real Estate Investment’s Scene?

What's The State Of Today's Online Real Estate Investment's Scene?

Real estate investment has always been a substantial part in the business and finance world and its transition to a more online-related approach has definitely kept up with its traditional one in the last couple of years. In order to better understand the world of online real state investment, it’s important to know who the top players are and how they’re attacking the market. Let’s break down a quickly rising business field in simpler terms.

Grant Cardone: From Real Estate To Online Mentorship

Cardone has been a massive real estate investor and a business guru for decades. Now 60, Cardone’s main focus is, of course, his consultancy/teaching business and, given the success of his “The 10X Rule” book, it’s not hard to see why. Coming back on his real estate approach, we know that his investment company, Cardone Capital, has been involved in more than $800 million in real estate transactions covering around 4,700 units of multi-family properties throughout many American states. Cardone’s real estate business started when he was just 29, and he was able to acquire his first million dollar property in 1987, by investing $350,000 for a complex in San Diego which was then sold for around $1 million and a half.

Gary Vaynerchuck: The Man Behind (Almost) Everything

Online real estate investment, buying or simply renting is something which is highly praised within the millennials’ world, as it bypasses the so-called “corporate” facade which is usually related to this business field. With this in mind, we can easily see why the biggest “everything millennials-related” online investor approached the matter.  Gary Vaynerchuck, in fact, started to fund companies like Housers in the last couple of years. This is, of course, incredibly important from an industry insight’s point of view, as it gives us a clearer picture of how the overall market is evolving.

Spare Room And The US Market

Spare Room is one of the biggest mobile applications for what concerns renting places and, in a recent interview, Ruper Hunt stated the fact that the company may take a proper investment route in the nearest future, given the success and the interest of millennials within the flat sharing field. A platform like Spare Room, if applied to proper real estate investment could definitely be big from both a technological and a strictly financial point of view. It’s easily understandable how and why this whole matter is heavily monitored by major investors like Tony Robbins, because the millennials’ real estate market in the US is still incredibly florid.

To Conclude

As pointed out by many residential conveyancing solicitors in the UK, who are monitoring the evolution of real estate as a whole, it’s quite easy to see how real estate will move towards a strictly online-based approach. Note to all the future online real estate entrepreneurs: keep up with the evolution of such market!



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