Why Should You Always Choose a Certified Sitecore Partner?

Why Should You Always Choose a Certified Sitecore Partner?

Sitecore is rapidly rising in popularity as a powerful and versatile CMS platform. While several websites have already adopted Sitecore, only a few developers genuinely know what it is like to work on this platform. Compared to other contemporary CMS platforms, widespread Sitecore adoption is quite new and finding a suitable Sitecore partner for your site can be a challenge.

We have all come across “Sitecore Partner” far too often on the web. You must have already found hundreds of paid advertisements on social media and organic search results that list the current Sitecore partners in the country. However, who are the certified Sitecore partners? What does it mean to work with a Sitecore Partner with Platinum or Gold statuses? Do all the listed partners have certification from Sitecore? Can all of those teams help your company improve your website performance?

The answers to these questions can only become apparent when you understand what the status of a Sitecore Partner really means. Once you do, you will realize why it is challenging to find a reliable and efficient Sitecore Partner, who has the necessary training and certification status. With thorough research, we present to you the six common traits between globally recognized Site Core partners today –

They have the Sitecore trademark

Sitecore takes great effort in knowing about the vendor that will implement the Sitecore Experience Platform software. The company only sells the software to those, who they can trust to provide a premium digital solution to all users. A Platinum or Gold Site Core Partner is one who has earned the trust of Sitecore. It is an ongoing effort since they have to prove their expertise and efficiency again and again as the users’ needs evolve over time. All of these partners should be able to provide large scale solutions for Sitecore Implementation.

They have the experience and training necessary to implement the Sitecore Solutions

Not every developer can manage Sitecore websites. It takes extensive training and experience to be able to implement the Sitecore solutions effectively. A platinum or gold Sitecore partner brings responsibility, innovation, and passion to the table in addition to dedicated attention towards a particular website. Like every other company, each firm has something unique to offer. You cannot compare the USP of one partner to another. However, if you are paying top dollar for the support and services of your Site Core partner, then your site should receive dedicated care too. There should be direct channels of communication between you and the partner, and their response should be snappy and helpful.

They keep the Sitecore Principles in mind

We have seen several running websites with dreadful loading speeds and media loading glitches that send the new visitors running for the hills. It usually happens when the software platform releases new updates and versions of the existing software, but the website does not have the manual or automated support to adopt the new changes. According to the regular Sitecore users, standing in front of a new update release with no technical help can be unnerving. Incompatibility between the software version and the add-ons or the working database can render the entire website defunct within minutes. It takes a lot of money, effort and time to get such a website back to working condition after the upgradation of the software version. Sitecore has developed the Helix Principle that mandates the compatibility of the digital solutions with the next upgrade. A reliable Sitecore Partner always follows the Helix Principles while delivering digital solutions to combine the features of Sitecore CMS, Cloud, and Commerce.

They have the necessary technical know-how

They have not only received extensive technical training, but they also have years’ of experience to go with it. Each company has a different motive. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Sitecore partner to understand what their client wants and deliver the precise solution to them. Each Sitecore implementation and solution requires personalization and customization. The extensive customization of the existing codes and third-party add-ons enables the optimization of the website. Without the experience and technical knowledge, it is impossible for a team to provide the accurate solution an enterprise requires. Whether you need a B2B, B2C or B2B2C solution, your Sitecore partner should be ready to extend their helping hand.

They are the Sitecore thought leaders

If you have a Sitecore Partner that does not have certifications from the company, you might be in serious trouble. While Sitecore is one of the thought leaders in the CMS market, all its Platinum and Gold partners are also thought leaders in their domains. Sitecore takes innovation exceptionally seriously, and no Sitecore partner can remain unaware of the new version updates, third-party add-on upgrades, and bug fixes. Most importantly, these professional teams do not treat the projects as learning platforms. It is true that every project should pose a new challenge to the team, but the team should always have the preparation to deal with the new problems with the necessary skill set they have acquired through years of working.

They deliver satisfying results to all clients

Not all clients require the same support. Therefore, it is essential for every certified Sitecore partner to provide outstanding services to each company. While some clients might need help with the Sitecore Experience Cloud, others might need extensive assistance with their website content management. A Platinum or Gold Partner is always ready to provide the necessary aid without any changes in the quality of their service.

A reputed Sitecore partner will do more than developing websites. They take care of customer experiences and integrate the CRM into the site. The aim of every Sitecore Partner should be to provide unique and personalized experiences to your customers at every step. They should be able to guide you through the updates and upgrade the database versions to complement the software changes. If your Sitecore partner is offering you anything less than that, it is time to search for a new, certified partner, who will provide you with the complete package.

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