4 Best Route Planning Software

4 Best Route Planning Software

Meeting up with business demands often entails the transport of goods or products from one location to another. With bulky schedules and demands to meet, it often becomes tiring to do all this without feasible planning of the transport and logistics that will ensure that a swift response based on efficiency, effectiveness.

There is delivery route optimization software that has been developed to fulfil this exact purpose. They generate a digital map of the road network of the proposed destination and give insights on best routes with traffic population to meet up with the demands of such business desire.

The various route planning software has contributed positively to the logistics and transport sector of businesses. They help to make the right route choices to calculate your journey distance, reduce mileage, save fuel, an operational cost which in turn augment the reliability of delivery schedules and give customers a full dose of satisfaction and fulfilment.

The continuous development of delivery route optimization software demands that entrepreneurs carefully select those who meet-up with their business demands as nit all route planning software is suitable for your business. While making this decision, some of the possible factors to consider include;

  • Special skill requirement
  • Planned prevention measures to prevent operation disruption
  • Availability of manual or guide
  • Availability if 24 hours support if needs be.
  • Management reports on quoting, budgeting, planning and car fuel management.

Depending on your fleet size, numbers of customers to attend to their needs the above-listed factors should be carefully considered.

However, below are four (4) top rates delivery route optimization software to help you plan your routes.


Samara is a multifunctional route planning software. It is a cloud-based fleet management solution which helps entrepreneurs to track their fleets as well as clues on their driver’s behavior en route to where the delivery of the goods is to be made. Samara boost of some superb features such as GPS tracking, dashboard camera, routing and dispatch, and reefer monitoring.

With the installed GPS Tracking enabling Samara software, drivers need not worry about deciding on which route to take as this is solved already. To crown it all, Samara makes a record of driver’s halt, vehicle performance as well as a breakdown to rank them according to the HoS and ELD regulations.


If you’re an entrepreneur in North America, you probably would have heard of GPS Insight before. GPS Insight is the real deal to cut the high operational cost to a reasonable amount. In addition, GPS Insight also tackles the security challenges faced in road safety.

GPS Insight provides superb fleet management solutions for entrepreneurs who specialize in transport businesses. GPS Insight provides real-time tracking of assets, provide records and data on fuel cards, and several others no matter the size of your business.


Silent Passenger is a cloud-based fleet management solution provider. With Silent Passengers, it is possible to track your assets. The Google Map enabled delivery route optimization software makes it possible to physically locate your fleet with a proper record kept to facilitate its maintenance and sustenance as well as build a schedule around the fleets.

Silent Passenger trump other route planning software with the availability of its hardware equipment to monitor fleets drivers’ activities such as hard driving, halt, vehicle breakdown and lots more for proper ranking according to the ELD regulation.

4. ClearPath GPS

Small and Medium Sized entrepreneurs can catch up with the competition in the business world all thanks to the development of ClearPath GPS.

ClearPath GPS is the software to beat with its superb features which makes construction, products transport and storage stresses in fleet management.

Knowing that you can suspend or cancel your contract with ClearPath GPS is an advantage to take at all times.

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