6 Uses of Automotive Tools and Equipment

6 Uses of Automotive Tools and Equipment

Automotive tools and equipment play a very important role in the automotive industry. They range from small handheld devices to large complex devices that lift heavy trucks and cars. The uses of these tools in the automobile industry cannot be ignored. For replacing old fuel equipment, for changing a tire, for cleaning the vehicles, for maintenance and servicing, for lubricating, for carrying out repairs, for charging up the battery, these equipments are very important.

Here are some of the uses of Automotive tools and equipment.

Lubrication Equipments

As the name suggests, lubricating equipment and additives lubricate different parts of the vehicles. There are a lot of lubrication products available in the market like grease guns, grease reels, lubes, oil drains, and oil and grease pumps. All of these equipment are used for different automotive, commercial and industrial applications wherein many individual components work together in performing a certain task. Using high-quality lubricating equipment, additives and greases to the mix help reduce complexity while maintaining high performance.

Automotive Lifts

Automotive lifts are used in repair shops, showrooms, and automobile factories and are very common in the industry. They come in the form of a platform fixed on a zigzag leg that can be lowered or raised as per the need. These post surface mounted lifts are usually free-frame engaging and have swing arms that travel up the columns. These are one of the most popular surface mounted lifts that raise heavy vehicles. This is how the cars are raised to different floors in the showroom and parking lots, or how the repairs of the lower parts of the vehicle are carried out. There are different types of these lifts – motorcycle lifts, drive on lifts, in-ground lifts, runway lifts, etc.


Air compressors are usually found at factories where products are assembled or gas stations and auto workshops. They are used to do various works on automobiles. Either electric or gas motors power air compressors. Air compressors give more power to tools like nail guns and wrenches, and additional pressure to drive in screws. They also remove dirt from the vehicles. Air compressors are an important addition in the automotive industry as they last longer, require less maintenance, easier to move, and are far less noisy than old-fashioned machinery.


Jacks are not just an important tool used by mechanics but it also a tool that every vehicle owner owns. They are lifting accessories that lift up the vehicle so that we can easily change the tires and do some emergency repairs on the vehicle. While the tyre of a car can be changed by using the jack, but you should always make sure you use jack stands when doing any work underneath the vehicle.


Reels are an important component for applications that are commonly found in the automotive industry. They are an essential member of any automotive equipment list and come in different shapes and sizes. Reels help to keep the hoses and pipes in place and also extend their life. They can be easily customised out to the desired size and stored by reeling them back.

Service Equipments

Adequate servicing and maintenance of the vehicle is required to ensure it is running properly. That is why service equipments are required. These are brake fluid exchangers, battery chargers, fuel transfer device, tire changers, coolant service equipment,

The list of automotive tools and equipment is very long, and their uses are quite large. Businesses that deal in such tools also sell other commercial vehicle equipment, thus making the website one stop place for all things related to automobiles. In fact, nowadays, there are abundant companies selling these equipments online – making them more accessible to anyone in need.

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