7 Tips to Make Any Topic Interesting

7 Tips to Make Any Topic Interesting

Writing is not an easy task for any student. Whether you have a term paper, essay, thesis or any other form of writing to do, you have to find the best topic and write an interesting paper. If your paper is not captivating, it will bore the reader and in this case, your professor leading to a poor grade. If you need thesis help for instance, your focus should be on making your topic interesting. However dull the subject, there are creative ways of making the reader interested to continue reading.

This article examines some of these smart strategies that can make your topic interesting. Read on.

Start with a Question

Most readers go into any text expecting answers and if you startle them with a question at the beginning, you will catch them off-guard. The idea here is to capture their attention and draw them back to the content using a mind-provoking question. A good starting question will make the reader more interested in what you have to say.


Whatever kind of writing task you have at hand, it is possible to engage the reader’s attention by inspiring them. You should show a good reason for the reader to participate in your research by learning more form your paper and how this will equip them to make a change.

Make Your Writing Relevant

If a topic is not relevant to a reader, it is easy to lose their interest early on and this will cost you good marks or a customer. Readers love something that is relevant or content that adds value to their lives. If you want to captivate the reader, include terminology that they understand and make sure you write for them.

Use a Story/Anecdote

People love stories and this is one reason most people go online. Stories take people away from their mundane lives and entertain them. If you start your writing with a story or anecdote, your readers will listen up. This is a creative way of introducing a boring topic interestingly. Make sure the story you tell relates to the topic.

Contextualize your Topic

It is possible to make any topic interesting by relating it to current events or trends. This ensures anyone who reads your content relates to it. Readers love content that is familiar and close to their lives. By using recent events, you will add a sense of familiarity to the content thus capturing the attention of the reader.

Inject Humor

It is important to add humor to your writing where appropriate as a way of gaining the attention of your readers. Humor helps the reader relax and warm up to the ideas in your paper. You can use witty metaphors, puns, sarcasm, funny stories or humorous similes to make your content more engaging.

Add A Touch Of Controversy

If you have an ordinary topic and you want to gain immediate attention from your readers, you need to introduce a controversial idea. This makes your readers curious but it has to relate to your thesis.

These are a few of the ideas you can use to spice up your paper. You can also find sample topics and papers at ThesisRush.com/.

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