9 Awesome Team Bonding Games Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

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You look around your office and see a bunch of sad, tired faces. Nobody looks like they want to be at work today and they aren’t really talking or working together.

An idea hits you to fix the problem: team bonding games.

When you shout out the suggestion, a collective groan emits from even the most enthusiastic employees. Team bonding games can go one of two ways—super fun or super cringy. Which category your idea falls into all depends on which games you choose.

To help you out in your team bonding, here are a few fun games that your employees will actually want to play!

1. 2 Truths and a Lie

2 Truths and a Lie is an easy-to-play ice breaker that only takes a few minutes to play. It will help your team learn a little more about each other. Perhaps even more than they ever wanted to know.

The spotlight will be put on a single employee who tells everyone 2 truths and one lie about themselves. The objective is for everyone to guess which one the lie is.

2. Game of Possibilities

Charades, anyone?

This is basically what the game of possibilities is, but with objects that can be found around the office. An employee will grab a random object and demonstrate an interesting use for it.

Everyone else has to guess what the employee is doing. This game can get pretty wacky and it will promote your employees’ creativity. You also get to see just how innovative your employees are.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Being cooped up in an office all day is enough to depress anyone. So, if your team is looking a little droopy, a bit of fresh air may help liven them up. One of the best team bonding games to play in the great outdoors is scavenger hunt.

Split your team into groups. Have them work together to find common items that you’ve hidden. You can also have them go around town and take pictures at various locations, which always has the potential for goofiness.

4. Conducted Story

If your team really doesn’t work well together (or doesn’t exactly know how to communicate), then you can have them play Conducted Story. It’s an interesting game that can go in a million different directions. One person starts it by saying, “Once upon a time,” and from there you go around the room.

Each employee will get a chance to add a sentence to it. By the end of the game, you should have a complete, coherent, strange story that leaves everyone laughing.

5. Contact

Like Conducted Story, this game will help your employees work on their communication skills while also learning to work together. It starts with one person thinking of a secret word. This person gives everyone else who is playing the first letter of the word and a category to describe it.

So, say the secret word is spider. The person who came up with it would say S, arachnid. It’s then up to the other players to guess the word based on the little information they are given.

If a bunch of time goes by without anyone guessing the word, the employee are required to give everyone the second letter of the secret word.

6. Team Cooking

Team Building Cooking Activities are a good way for everyone to work together to make something delicious (or awful), depending on everyone’s skill level! You can divide your employees into teams to cook a dish. This will help them stretch their teamwork and leadership skills.

7. Purpose Mingle 

This is a quick activity that you can use to warm everyone up before a meeting. You’ll have each employee get up and start sharing what they hope to contribute to the meeting.

This activity helps everyone work on their communication skills.

It also helps make the meeting more productive. This is because it gets everyone thinking of what they can contribute. You’ll have fewer employees just sit through the meeting doing nothing.

8. Human Knot

This game is a good way to help your employees on their communication skills. It’s also a great way to see which ones have the best leadership skills!

You’ll have your employees stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle. Each person in the circle will grab the left hand of someone at random and then do the same with their right hands. The result should be a tangled mess of arms.

Your employees will have to work together to untangle themselves before 30 minutes is up. They aren’t allowed to let go of each other’s hands.

9. What’s My Name 

What’s My Name is a fun empathy builder. Each employee will be given an index card with the name of a person (living or dead) on it and put it somewhere on their body where they can’t see it.

Each of your other employees will treat that coworker the way they would treat the name of the person on the card. The person wearing the card then has to guess who they are based on how they are being treated.

Team Bonding Games that Your Employees will Want to Take Part in!

If your employees seem bored, or aren’t working well together, a great fix is with fun team bonding games. Use any one of the games on this list to give your employees a break from monotony and put them in higher spirits!

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