Are you Eligible for a Job Promotion?

Are you Eligible for a Job Promotion?

Have you been doing an amazing effort in your career?

Passionate Employees would be doing a great effort for a long time without being noticed. Some employers wouldn’t pay attention to their passionate workers which are the ones responsible for increasing the productivity and efficiency.

Employees who are a great workers and an effective member in the company needs to get a promotion in a suitable timing, because when employee’s efforts are not appreciated then they will not be as effective as before. Every one of us needs a promotion or a raise at some point, but when and how to ask for a promotion?

How do you know it’s the right time to ask your boss for a raise or a promotion?

Here are the factors which deicide on whether you should get a promotion or not:

Your Tasks are above your pay grade

It’s a common fast that the more developed the employees the bigger salaries they have. Developed employees are steadily entrusted with more tasks and bigger responsibilities which they must grow into a role, but if you realize you’re doing the same work as your senior counterparts without being appreciated in any special recognition or reward, then it’s time for you to stand up and set up a private meeting between you and your boss and just ask for a promotion, make sure you really deserve to be promoted. If you’re sure that you deserve to get raised and a promotional title and your boss refuses, then you need to take your skills elsewhere, because the worst thing you can get stuck in is to work in a business which is unwilling to invest in you.

  • You need to evaluate yourself accurately, are your achievements and efforts worth getting a promotion?
  • If you’ve decided that you want to change your career because you didn’t feel appreciated, and then make sure you already have a backup plan and have two to three job interviews after your 2 weeks or 1 month notice.
  • Make sure you search for a suitable job by only visiting secured and authorized online job websites like, and apply for a job which perfectly fits your requirements and qualifications.

You’re loyal towards time and efforts

Loyal employees must put in the time and effort. Employers consider disloyal employees as expensive liabilities, because they are disengaged, unproductive and of course they’ll jump ship at any opportunity which comes up their way. Disloyal employees might generate turnover costs which can grow in an exponential way. You need to wait for at least a year before asking for a promotion. You need to be a loyal employee who respects all your company’s regulations, you arrive accurately on time every day, you work with enthusiasm and you are truly committed to the company, if you have all there qualification mentioned above, then go ahead ask for a promotion with your head up high .the same case goes in the contrary, if you’re not a loyal employee and you’re not being productive at all then you really wouldn’t deserve to be promoted or get any raise. All employees who are seeking a promotion needs to know that getting promoted means your boss is expecting you to raise your work value and with a host of goodies. You need to love your work in order to be able to tolerate the extra pressure which comes with the promotional raise.

Before you ask your boss for a promotion, you need to know whether you’re taking a fair pay rate or no. You need to access famous online job websites like Joblang and compare the salary rates for the same desired position in different industries and fields.

Your responsibilities are growing bigger

It’s known that promotions usually come with extra amounts of responsibility. Managerial duties will be required, besides that you will be responsible for any mistakes and problems encountered, you need to be considered as a superb for other employees. There is another fact which is important as well, when you get promoted , the tasks given to you will be challenging and hard , so make sure you think clearly of what you want and whether you are able to handle these tasks or not . If you see yourself as a strong competitive employee, then the power which comes along with getting promoted needs to fit you well, you must show your boss that you already have plans and business implements which would positively influence the company’s benefits and business growth. You need to be smart when you make the promotion proposal; the only thing that matters is that your plans will benefit the company, not yourself.

You can watch inspirational videos for worldwide CEOs who actually left a remarkable imprint in business world.

You should visit huge online job portals like and read the responsibilities which must be handled by your targeted future job position you might get promoted to , get a glimpse if the responsibilities mentioned are easy for you or not.

You’re a real superb

Here is the most important consideration of all. Business world is like a high mountain, the better climber you are the higher you can reach. You need to be competitive even if you’re only seeking for a general position promotion, both general and specific promotions needs a high level of competitive and passion . Companies generally often hold employees with the similar skills as well as being also eligible for the same promotional position you’re seeking. Make your achievements more noticeable and visible, even if you had to document your great achievements by e-mails it won’t do no harm , it may actually catch your employer’s attention about your great energy and how eager you are to get noticed and promoted. If you are doing your best then you need to show your boss that you are really the best!

You need to get your employer to notice you, but without showing yourself as a nonstop nagging machine, which is following the boss all around the company.

Getting a promotion is not an easy step. You need to actually prove yourself and your achievements for both your colleagues and of course for your employer. Being honest in evaluating yourself cuts half way short, because if you know that you’re not eligible for the promotion, then don’t even ask for it. When you ask for a promotion, you need to be precise and sure about what you want and your achievements must be visible and clear. Another advice to be followed is to enroll in a job position which you love, if you work in a field you hate you can never make it through. If you ask your employers for a promotion while you’re just playing around, then put in mind that you will put yourself in an embarrassing situation. Make a great list of achievements and make sure you document them, wait for the right time and make your move after honestly evaluating yourself besides being a great loyal employee. Everything needs the perfect timing; perfect timing leads to perfect success progress.

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