Donate Your Car for Kids to Change their Lives

Donate Your Car for Kids to Change their Lives

The world has many children who do not get healthy food and proper education because of financial constraints and lack of necessary support from charitable organizations that they majorly depend upon. The concept of car donation proves to be one of the main sources for charities to generate funds for children in need. Unfortunately, people today look for more beneficial options as to their old vehicles hence the number of car donation is decreasing every passing year.

There are many charities around the world that encourage people to donate their cars for kids, offering an easy process and tax credits. The main purpose of these organizations is to raise funds to help needy children by selling donated vehicles for kids. For that reason, it is a noble act to donate your car for kids, helping them have what they deserve. In fact, it is perhaps the best way to utilize your old vehicle since you not only can get rid of it but also can avail benefits of associated tax deductions.

Donating vehicles is a very easy and convenient process. Organizations accepting car donations provide donors with lots of services in order to make the donation conveniently easy. These services include towing your car from your garage without charging you a single penny. Similarly, they also offer 24/7 assistance to help you understand all the process of car donation and relevant paperwork.

What Charities for Kids Do

Every child’s life encircles around their home, school, friends, and community. While there are many charities that work for kids, the vision behind their efforts shares same goals and purposes. They aim to give today’s poor kids the ability to do well in life and get basic necessities like your and my children do. Charities for kids know that a quality education is the foundation to any child’s success in many areas of life hence they develop their programs in accordance with this principle, helping children acquire educational opportunities.

Typically, renowned charities have multiple locations where they provide children with a safe space to enjoy quality time, learn new things, and socialize with their mentors. They not only focus on education, mentorship, and yearly programs for children but also support their families and their communities with the help of thousands of volunteers.

How You Can Support Children by Donating Your Car

Have you ever thought that how your car donation can make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged and poor kids in our surroundings? When you donate your car for kids, you are actually going to support the ongoing efforts of a charity to make sure that children get the freedom of enjoying the most innocent time of their lives i.e. their childhood.

There are several organizations in the USA alone that have been working to support children’s mentoring, hospitals, educational programs as well fund many different outreach initiatives that are according to the needs of children in our community. Your car donation for kids will be a great help for such organizations to make sure that today’s children get a better tomorrow and have everything they deserve in their lives.

The ways your car donation can work for children vary from organization to organization. From supporting medical, victims of abuse or disasters, educational programs to outreach programs, there are endless purposes your donation can be used for. Your car donations can give a child or the whole family a ray of hope as they get a second chance in life when your vehicle reaches to them.

How to Go About Donating Your Car for Kids

Once you have decided to donate your car for kids, there are numerous things that you must be aware of first such as the following:

Ownership – This is the primary condition of car donation. In order to donate your car for kids to a charity, you must own the car. Your car’s title has to be in your name or the donor as without that you cannot donate it to any charity.

Choose the Right Charity – Choosing the right charity is another important factor to consider in order to make your donations beneficial for you and the needy children. There are several charities that accept car donations and can be found on yellow pages or online. Most of these organizations offer free pickup services so you do not need to take your car to their location.

No Middleman – Make sure the charity you choose to donate your car for kids possesses the right set of ethics and is able to make the most out of your donation for those in need. Also, they must not involve any middleman or broker for transactions as this will decrease a significant percentage of your donation which should be gone to the needy.

Avail Tax Benefits – Car donations can come up with tax benefits and get you a tax credit on its total sale value. For this, you will need to check with the IRS laws and use their forms to claim your tax deductions for the car you have donated for kids to a charity. You can also check with Kelley Blue Book to get an- idea about the market value of your vehicle.

Easy Process – Car donation for kids is a quite easy process with few simple steps. Visit the website of your favorite charity and fill out their online form or call them at their given number to donate your car for kids. You will receive a phone call from the charity within 24 hours to arrange a free pickup of your vehicle at your convenient time. Once picked up, your car will be sold at auction based on its condition and location. The charity will send your tax deductible receipt needed for filing your tax after 2- 4 weeks of donation.

The world is full of needy and poor children who look for a helping hand to make their lives better and provide them with the basic necessities of life. Car donations can turn around to be huge source of funds for an organization taking care of these children with the help of people’s donations. If you have an old or broken car, instead of selling it for some dollars, let’s plan to donate your car for kids to any of IRS certified charities and organizations. Of course, it is important to verify that your vehicle donation is being utilized for the purpose it was donated for. Car donations have helped lots of families get education, medical help, and even a second chance at a workplace.

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