How to Market Your Law Firm as a New Personal Injury Attorney

How to Market Your Law Firm as a New Personal Injury Attorney

More often than not, the toughest part of working in the professional world is simply getting started. There are no more teachers and professors to tell you if you’re doing well and no one is obligated to give you a chance. It’s all up to you to show that you can provide a good product and/or service and that you are worth working with.

Getting started is even tougher for a new personal injury attorney. In a world where having connections is crucial, starting from the ground up and succeeding can be nearly impossible.

However, regardless of whether you’re a new personal injury attorney Tampa or an inexperienced lawyer working out of any other city in the country, there are still effective ways to get the name of your law firm out there.

1. Carve Out Your Niche

In all likelihood, the bigger law firms working in your area already offer a wide variety of services. If your firm is a bit lacking in the staffing department at the moment, trying to cover all types of cases is going to be an impossible task to pull off.

What you’ll want to do instead is to focus on specific areas that you and the other people working at your firm can specialize in. Become the leading authority in handling motorcycle accident cases or maybe animal bite cases. Capitalize on a blind spot or even just a niche that the bigger law firms have not gotten to yet and make it known that you are the ones people need to turn when cases falling under that category come up.

2. Build around Your Area of Expertise

Now that you’ve identified the areas you want to specialize in, the next step involves forming a marketing campaign around it. Given that you’re just starting out, chances are that you don’t have a huge budget to work with, so maximizing every dollar is essential.

Attend events and conferences related to the target areas you want to specialize in. Make yourself known to the surrounding community and inform the people of the specific services you offer.

Also, this is where it becomes important for you to build a website that links up to your niche.

3. Craft a Website That Properly Conveys Your Desired Message

Do you know of any successful business that’s operating in 2019 without a website? I highly doubt that any of those are still around and with good reason. Online marketing is not just an option anymore because it’s a necessity.

Promote your area of expertise to your potential clients as soon as they land on your website’s homepage. Don’t make the homepage too wordy as well. If you have a lot to say to potential clients, place that in the “About” section or in a dedicated blog.

It’s a good idea to invest in search engine optimization as well. Just don’t forget to include keywords like “lawyer,” “attorney,” and your area of expertise.

Posting some insightful content on your website is also a good way to help possible clients find you while they are searching online.

4. Post Some Helpful Videos

In the age of instant gratification, you can’t always bank on visitors to your website reading everything you’ve posted. That’s why it’s a smart move to invest in videos.

You may be tempted to post something humorous or ridiculous to get those views, but don’t fall into that trap. New firms have to focus on projecting their professionalism and posting something just for clicks is not going to help with that.

Go the helpful route with your videos instead and show potential clients that you bring real expertise to the table.

5. Optimize Your Law Firm’s Website for Mobile

Last but not least, you will want to ensure that your law firm’s website is optimized for mobile viewing. Many people do the majority of their web browsing via their smartphones and tablets these days and you need to cater to those possible clients.

Also, if you’re specializing in helping out accident victims, you will absolutely want a website that they can access right away no matter where they are.

The uphill climb from being a new law firm to an established practice is a difficult one, but it is still manageable. Even if marketing is not your forte, you can still gain the attention of some prospective clients by simply playing to your strengths and leveraging the technology that’s available today.

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