How to Secure Your Crypto with Important Crypto Security Measures

How to Secure Your Crypto with Important Crypto Security Measures

Crypto security is an important part of communication security. It works with proper formation and use of measures to secure codes and ciphers, which are designed to protect encryption systems and techniques from opponent discovery, decryption, altering, and seizure. This field area of communication security is done by ensuring that your data and messages will hold full authenticity and privacy.

Effective control of messages and data is the key when it comes to communication security. This involves making sure that unauthorized sources cannot access to the messages or even discover their existence. However, in the case where the message is interrupted by unauthorized users, it should be in encrypted form so that no one can derive any information from it. By applying the discipline of crypto security, you can make sure that the proper use and maintenance of crypto systems is in place.

There are many people who have been getting hacked and losing their valuable crypto holding. Therefore, safety should be one of your main concerns before you enter fully in crypto system. There are several rules to live by in crypto security which are intended to help users securely carry out their important conversations and prevent themselves from losing their precious assets.

Here are some important tips of crypto security which come handy to keep you protected from the darkness of hackers.

Never Use SMS 2FA on Your Email Accounts

When opening an account on any website or digital platform, you are always required to provide your email ID which will be used for the purpose of password recovery. Nature wise, it is a regular way of the platform or website to operate. If you compromise on your email, it is most likely that you are not going to recover it. In view of that, any account linked to certain conditions could possibly be compromised too. Porting a phone number is very easy in most countries. This means that anyone who is not you can claim your phone number and divert calls or text messages to a new device. Once your number is ported by a hacker, if they, for some reasons, know your email without knowing the password, can easily send a request for password recovery using SMS 2FA especially if it is enabled and use your email.

Setup Your Email Accounts with 2FA or U2F

Some users may not follow first tip of crypto security. It, however, does not matter if you have enabled 2FA or U2F on your accounts. With an enabled SMS Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you can possibly bypass any security measures in place. This feature is very useful to keep any hacking, phishing, or other fraudulent attempts away. Once you enable 2FA on your email account, anyone trying to hack your account would need remote or physical access to the device with 2FA app installed. It can be either Authy or Google Authenticator to produce the TOTO (Time-based One-Time Passcode) directly in the app. Another part of crypto security tips is that U2F app has more secure measures than Authy and Google Authenticator 2FA applications do. Also known as Universal 2nd Factor, this is an authentication standard that is used to be secure, open, and private. Once your devices with U2F app is plugged into your USB port, it will send a signed response to the U2F device to validate your login if anyone else than you taps or presses button of the account.

Use a Hardware Wallet

Undeniably, using a hardware wallet is the safest way to store your crypto. It is very precise in crypto security that if you have your crypto in exchange, you do not own its private keys, instead the exchange does where you have kept your crypto. In addition to safekeeping your private keys, use the U2F app’s functionality with your hardware wallet to make it even safer. There are several hardware wallets, such as Trezor and Ledger that come with the U2F functionality. One of their cool features includes the ability to keep your private keys safe as well as protect your U2F against any thefts.

Do Not Expose Your Gains

While this crypto security tip sounds irrelevant to some, the impact it can bring about is significant. Some crypto personalities are usually found bragging about their achievements publically, usually on social media. They are mostly the people who later say their accounts got hacked. Exposing your gains openly on the social media is like inviting hackers to hack you. When you give proofs of your achievements, you just incentivize hackers to try hard to find a route of exposure to your assets. Therefore, if you have any assets and you expose them openly, hackers are smart enough to find them and then exploit them in order to reward themselves abundantly. Don’t be your own enemy.

Act Anonymously

Working anonymously in crypto will significantly help you protect yourself from anybody trying to hack or harm you. This is an important crypto security measure that gives you the ability to be anyone you like, preventing from direct releasing your true identity to the whole world, age, gender, race, background, nationality, etc. Also, it is important to avoid sharing your personal information in both picture and written forms on the social media.

Use Different Email Accounts for Different types of Digital Accounts

It may be a good idea to avoid using the same email account for social media and your crypto exchange accounts. As a matter of fact, social media accounts are more susceptible to get hacked than those related to crypto exchange. Accordingly, make sure to compartmentalize the email accounts according to the level of their usage importance to mitigate your exposure to bad guys. To make it more secure, you can use different email account for each exchange though it is quite challenging to manage different accounts and their passwords. Make sure you do not use the same passwords for all of your accounts as this will be like helping your hackers work.

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