How to Sell Your Music Online

How to Sell Your Music Online

In the age of Pandora and Spotify, any efforts to sell music online may feel like a waste of time. But selling your music online shouldn’t be rocket science. Many artists are making a decent living off of selling their music online, and you aren’t an exception. The only difference is that they have mastered the art of online marketing, and know how to position their products in a way that appeals to the users. If you are wondering how don’t worry. You’ll be able to monetize your music too by the time you finish reading this article.

Using WordPress

The online world presents incredible ways to reach your prospects – you can do so through social media or dedicated platforms like SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and so on. However, the importance of maintaining a website for your music cannot be overemphasized. Your site is your home base, serving as the platform to share information, provide music samples and help fans and prospects get in touch. Selling your music through your site puts you in charge, and you won’t need to split the outcomes with music stores, middleman or any other subsidiary.

WordPress is a good place to start, as it delivers a perfect blend of flexibility and ease-of-use. Top music theme designers like Sonaar create high-end WordPress themes to help musicians like you jumpstart their career.

Here is how to sell your music online:

Provide content

In addition to availing music, and more music on your platform, you should ensure that the music is easy to listen to. Add an album, tracklist, or some singles and make it easy for the user to press play and listen right away.

Offer some free downloads

You can also include some free music for your fan base. In most cases, people will download music because it is free. But once they listen to it and love it, they will return for more. Better yet, you can offer some digital tracks in exchange for an email address. This way, you can keep in touch with your fans and sell them your music later on.

Add lyrics

Most fans will want to find the lyrics, so why not give it to them? You can do this by adding lyrics for your songs. You can also integrate a “Lyrics” page and include all your lyrics there. Just ensure that your platform is easy to navigate and that your fans can find the lyrics on your site.

Provide music for sale

Selling music online is like any other business – so, you cannot underestimate the power of sales. Offer music in different formats depending on your target audience. Other effective ways include setting a fixed price on your album or tracks, allowing fans to pay whatever they want or even hyping your upcoming release for fans to purchase the music early.

Don’t forget tangible music options

In as much as we live in a digital world, some people still appreciate the physical music options. So, be sure to add CDs, DVDs and track inventory on your site. A good idea would be to include limited edition items just for the hype.


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