Inspiring Surroundings: 5 Office Design Tips To Boost Productivity

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It’s important to know that 627,000 businesses are started in the United States every single year. So for you as a business owner or manager, you need to figure out how to beat the competition.

One great way to do this is by having a productive office environment. But this can be easier said than done.

That’s why we’re outlining 4 office design tips that will totally boost productivity. Check them out here.

Improve the Lighting

First and foremost, focus on the lighting in your office. This is because good lighting can provide greater energy and optimism to your office.

There are two parts to this. First, you need to install suitable lighting. You also need to take advantage of natural lighting through windows.

Improving the lighting in your office can prevent issues like eye strain, headaches, and even depression. And getting rid of these problems will make your employees more productive in their jobs.

Provide a Break Room

Also important? Creating a break room for your employees. It’s crucial to have a separate space where team members can recharge.

Being able to unwind and relax will help them make their work time more effective. Try to make this space inviting, warm, and accessible. This will encourage people to take full advantage of it throughout the day.

Be sure to include a fridge, some tables and chairs, and perhaps a couch. Some companies have games or TVs as well. The point is to make it totally different than the rest of the office.

Work on the Color

Next, pay attention to the color. This is one of the most important parts of your office design.

They affect both mood and brain function and can have an impact on our emotions. That’s why color really does matter.

If you’re not sure what color to use, that’s okay! There are scientific reasons behind them all.

For example, white evokes cleanliness and organization. Orange encourages energy as well as yellow. Purple is often used for creativity and blue improves relaxation and serenity.

Create Private Spaces

Open office designs are gaining popularity because of their reduced costs and ability to increase office capacity. And while those are good reasons, it’s also crucial to create private spaces for your employees.

When people are constantly interrupted in an open office space, productivity decreases. It can also improve collaboration, so if you’re going to utilize an open office arrangement, it’s also a smart idea to create private areas where people can go to focus. This will improve your business’ bottom line.

Final Thoughts on Office Design Tips

There you have it: 4 office design tips that will definitely improve office productivity. Start implementing them today in your building.

Often, the hardest step is starting. Once you do, we know you’ll be pleased with the results.

Want to learn more or have additional questions? Check out our blog for more tips and tricks.

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