Kicksta- Grow your Followers on Instagram

Kicksta- Grow your Followers on Instagram

Today, nearly one-third of the world’s population is online. One of the best ways of doing business online and creating brand awareness is through engagement and marketing strategies, as it puts you right in front of people. Social media has become an excellent platform to help businesses in gaining the exposure they are after. One of the top social media networks is none other than Instagram, which has grown rather rapidly in the last couple of years. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that thousands of businesses already have a strong presence on it.

So what does it take to stand out on Instagram? The best way to accomplish this goal is to have real and genuine Instagram followers, but this is easier said than done because this social media platform is wildly popular, which translates to tough competition for every business. This is one of the major reasons why you will find Instagram growth companies that claim to help you with gaining real Instagram followers. The problem is that a majority of these sell fake profiles and followers that will eventually get your Instagram account banned. Obviously, you want to avoid this.

Kicksta is a lifesaver because this Instagram automation tool is the answer to your problems. Wondering how to get Instagram followers? Kicksta is the way to go. Put simply, it’s an Instagram marketing tool that provides you with methods and strategies to get Instagram followers. According to Kicksta, it can connect you with other accounts that have similar branding and interests through unique methods, which eventually helps you garner real followers on the platform.

The Kicksta tool was born as Kickstagram, but had to remove the ‘gram’ from their name in order to avoid violating the copyright laws of Instagram itself. As compared to other Instagram growth companies, Kicksta is different because it uses unique technologies and methods and assists businesses in growing their presence organically. There are some notable features that Kicksta has to offer to its users. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Customer Portal

Kicksta offers every single client access to a customer portal that can be used for tracking analytics and assess how their targets are performing. This portal can also be used for updating your passwords, billing information and adding new subscriptions as per your preference and convenience.

Kicksta- Grow your Followers on Instagram

Excellent Filtering System

One of the best features of Kicksta is that it doesn’t interact with any account that seems to be a bot, spam, or simply inactive. They also enable you to apply filters for explicit content, bad language, and profanities, as well as for private accounts. In fact, you also have the option of skipping over non-English profiles and target customers according to gender.

Reliable Support Team

The US based support team behind this Instagram marketing tool is extremely responsive and prompt. Customer service is of the utmost importance because you don’t want to wait for hours or days for a response if you’re facing problems. Kicksta understands that and provides you with email and chat support that can be used for reaching out to them at any time, 24/7.

Additional Tools and Resources

Along with a complimentary video course that can be useful for optimizing your page, Kicksta also helps you stay updated and informed on their social media and through their blog about any new changes that take place on Instagram and how they can be utilized in your favor.

Using these features, Kicksta has helped out thousands of influencers and brands in expanding their organic reach and connecting them with users who can turn into real and loyal followers. The service is different from its competitors in the way that it puts a strong emphasis on using an organic approach. Rather than flooding your account with random and fake followers as other growth companies are known to do, Kicksta puts in effort and time to connect you with active and real users who are actually interested in your offerings. It identifies your target audience and then engages with potential followers to get them to visit your page and check out what you have to offer.

How does Kicksta Work?

First, you have to provide target accounts to Kicksta and then it likes one to two pictures of each user that is following those target accounts. They receive notification that you’ve liked their pictures and there are high chances that they will go take a look at your profile, and decide whether they wish to follow you or not. Since they are relevant to your brand, it is highly likely that they will follow your business, which increases your organic engagement. You’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your operation while Kicksta takes care of getting you authentic and genuine followers on Instagram.


Kicksta pricing is another aspect where the tool successfully stands out of the crowd. It boasts an easy sign-up process and cancellation can be made any time. There is a 14-day money back guarantee available in case you are not satisfied. There are two plans at your disposal when you sign up with Kicksta and they are:


For $49 per month, this account is for businesses looking for moderate growth on Instagram. They have access to smart filters, exclusive video onboarding and a total of 10 targets. It is completely secure and you can use it easily.

Professional Plan

For $99 per month, this plan gives you maximum growth, exclusive video onboarding, smart filters, live chat support, premium email support, 40 targets, gender, location and hashtag targeting along with blacklist.

Final Verdict

With Kicksta, you can increase your website traffic, boost conversion and sales, and get more social proof without spending a ton of money.

Kicksta- Grow your Followers on Instagram




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