Secrets to Make Your Restaurant Run Better

Secrets to Make Your Restaurant Run Better

With technology developing faster than ever before, modern restaurants are keeping more secrets than just the mysterious ingredients in the sauce;find out what technological tricks savvy restaurateurs are using to simplify their business operations and become more profitable.

Restaurant Scheduling Software

Restaurant scheduling software reduces the amount of time it takes restaurants to create a schedule by 80%. But it actually does a lot more than that. It’s a cloud-based app every employee can access on their phone, meaning staff don’t need to call in to find out when their next shift is. They also receive a notification whenever a change or update is made to the schedule.

Staff can submit leave requests and indicate their availability remotely. This software streamlines what is otherwise a frustrating and time consuming process, while at the same time better accommodating your employees. Restaurant scheduling software also facilitates time clocking, team communication, manager log books, workforce management, and lots more.

Millennials in the know running small- to medium-sized businesses adopted this technology early on, and still use it today in large numbers.

Modern POS Systems

The modern Point of Sale (POS) system is a different beast entirely from its predecessor, the humble cash register. The benefits of restaurant POS systems go way beyond merely processing payment and issuing receipts.

Have you noticed those sleek tablets the newest restaurants have, where a cash register used to be? Now, staff can just tap at a touch screen to process your bill and produce a receipt. But actually the POS processes the information that the staff inputs, and converts this raw data into different types of extremely useful statistics that make running your restaurant significantly easier.

A short list of the important functions POS systems help improve includes: inventory management by tracking product usage, stock levels and variances; tracking loss prevention; how inventory contributes to profits; product-costing capabilities; and it also makes re-ordering easy. In a basic sense, POS systems obtain various key performance indicators, and present them to you clearly.

Like a lot of contemporary technology, POS systems can be configured easily with most restaurant scheduling software. They complement each other and truly unlock the potential of all the data you collect.

Food Delivery Apps

Due to the rapid growth of food delivery apps, many restaurants that were dine-in only now have a de facto delivery service. It’s not just fast food expanding their customer base; there are some considerably upscale restaurants that have tapped into a broader market than was otherwise possible before the rise of food delivery apps.

Sometimes business owners get excited by new and dazzling technology — it’s important to remember to only use technology to fix, simplify or improve a specifically defined need. Don’t just incorporate new tech into your restaurant because you can, or because it’s fancy. But if you use restaurant scheduling software, a new POS system, and apps that let you tap into the broadest market possible, you’ll have the secret to making your restaurant run better.

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