Talkspace: Revolutionizing the Therapy Industry

Talkspace: Revolutionizing the Therapy Industry

Talkspace, a global leader in the field of online therapy, recently announced its partnership with Teachers College, Columbia University. They did this in an effort to identify and recognize the improved techniques of addressing highly prevalent mental health disorders, through an online platform, without making it a necessity for the clients to physically visit their therapist’s office. Besides this effort of theirs, they are also discussing their next partnership with Duke University, along with Dr. Patricia Resick, a clinical expert to depict the effectiveness of the platform in treating and curing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Talkspace is the face of online therapy. However, many people still don’t know much about the company, primarily because online therapy is so new (if you’re one of these people, we recommend reading both editor and user reviews on websites like In addition to reviews, clinical research studies shed light on the effectiveness of online therapy companies like Talkspace and their unique method of providing therapy for treating different conditions, which are common in our society.

With that, let’s take a closer look at how Talkspace is revolutionizing the therapy industry, and how their platform works on a whole.

Talkspace is using technology to bring about a revolution in the therapy industry

There’s no doubt about the fact that mental health is a rather serious issue irrespective of it being treated inside the office of a therapist or through an app. There are always certain standards which need to be met. The co-founder of Talkspace, Roni Frank, has said that online therapy has already shown its impact in treating different mental health disorders through platforms like video calls and messaging apps. In that regard, Talkspace’s web therapy practices is one of the best on the market.

Amidst the therapy industry, Talkspace has undoubtedly become one of the most provocative ideas to emerge. It is positioned perfectly to usher in a new era of mental health care. Their work along with other research teams and the best universities will also offer a clinical and medical validation based on the measures and disciplines.

More on Talkspace and how it works

Talkspace is a global online therapy platform which connects clients to the best therapists who are licensed and accredited. Talkspace was found in 2012 and they had a mission to make therapy accessible and affordable for all. They were the first ones to introduce Unlimited Messaging Therapy to provide 24X7 access to a therapist at a nominal charge of roughly $30 per week. As such, millions of people have signed up to their service.

However, millions didn’t join simply because of unlimited messaging. Talkspace’s goal first and foremost was to eliminate the stigma, anxiety and fear related to traditional therapy. This is essentially what helped them reach millions who were not receiving proper mental health care. This is what led them to be the global leader in online therapy.

If you are in need of therapy but either don’t have the money to see a therapist in an office or stigma is holding you back, Talkspace can help. Millions of others are using online therapy. You may as well give it a try for a few weeks and see how it goes.


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