Want Your Google Pixel 3 to Be Scratch-Free? Try This Simple Fix

Want Your Google Pixel 3 to Be Scratch-Free? Try This Simple Fix

You bought yourself a Google Pixel 3 and you were happy with your purchase until you heard the lingering whispers of “scratch-gate.” Now, you’re wondering if your brand-new device is going to look like a cat’s scratching post by the end of the week. Read this to have the controversy explained and to learn the simple fix that will keep your smartphone in mint condition.

What is “Scratch-gate”?

The rumpus of scratch-gate started in October 2018 when reviewers revealed that their first impressions of the device were dampened when they looked at the back side. Before the smartphone got any use, it had already shown signs of microscratches on its dual-finish glass. YouTuber and tech-head Marques Brownlee admitted that his demo had microscratches on the back within minutes of unboxing it.The word spread, and commenters wondered if this would be the newest PR disaster in the tech world.

Should you be worried?

The criticisms are true. The material shows clear marks and lines from keys, coins, rings and other everyday objects. It’s especially noticeable on the black version. This seems like terrible news, but don’t run back to the store to trade it for a replacement.

Erica Griffin, aka The Technology Nerd, posted a video about why Pixel 3 isn’t actually scratching soon after the panic of scratch-gate started. She explained that that back’s material isn’t being damaged — it’s being etched on by other objects, leaving lines of residue on the surface. Glass can’t be effectively scratched by objects made of softer minerals like keys and coins.

These etchings look bad at first glance, but you can clean them up. Simply rubbing the glass can get rid of residue. If that doesn’t work, you can use good old-fashioned dish soap and water. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the back until the marks are gone.

The Google Pixel 3 is designed to guard against negative effects of water immersion and has been declared one of the best water-resistant phones on the market by Tom’s Guide. It’s still smart to be careful when you wash it. Turn off the phone and rinse the back, don’t dunk it into a bucket.

What should you do?

While the scratches aren’t permanent, they’re still ugly and they’ll be a pain to get rid of on a regular basis. You don’t want scrubbingasmartphone to become part of your nighttime routine.

Keeping your phone away from keys, coins and other pocket-fillers isn’t an option either. You can’t exactly cradle it like a newborn baby while you’re sitting on the bus or attending a party.

The best way to prevent microscratches is to get protection. Get a high-quality skin and apply it to the dual-finish glass back, so that the surface is completely covered and guarded against abrasive materials. It’s a simple, affordable and effective solution.

Currently, you can only get the phone in 3 colors: Clearly White, Just Black, Not Pink. Take this as an opportunity to try something different. Find a skin that matches your sense of style — this way you don’t let your Google Pixel get scratched and make sure your phone looks better than when you first bought it.You can order cool skins in a variety of bold colors and patterns like dragon scale, stone, camo and leather.

In the end, the Google Pixel 3 is a phone with excellent reviews behind it because of its stellar cameras, fast wireless charging and beautiful screen. It’s considered to be a great purchase for Android users.

Don’t let a minuscule and preventable flaw like a scratchy back make you regret buying this smartphone. The hype over scratch-gate was obviously overblown. If you notice marks on the back of your glass, give them a quick wash and order a skin as soon as possible. With that layer of protection, you’ll notice just how happy you are with your purchase.

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