Why Organizations Hire Design Agencies for Contemporary Branding

Why Organizations Hire Design Agencies for Contemporary Branding

Today’s technological landscape is changing constantly, and companies that work in advertising and branding need to stay current. This is what design agencies do best.

You may think that design agencies specialize in print ads, but actually this is a common misconception: today’s design agencies direct marketing campaigns for a range of high-profile clients, providing branding strategies and delivering a full suite of digital, print, and video content.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why more organizations are turning to design agencies for all their contemporary branding needs.

Strategical and Creative Expertise for All Branding Needs

Simply put, design agencies are at the forefront of today’s marketing landscape, and their artists create top tier work. While they are perfectly capable of creating print ads, many companies have decided to tap branding vigor with an illustration agency because they’re just as well-versed in digital and integrative marketing.

To get a more accurate representation of what illustration agencies do, don’t think of what they produce as being mere illustrations — they conceive of the strategy and create everything that needs to be illustrated. This can include tent wraps or signage at events, digital icons for websites and apps, magazine spreads, logos, character sprites, and more.

Every branding campaign needs a visual language that unites the spirit of the company with the visual aesthetic, whatever format it’s in. So beyond mere print ads, illustration work is required in elements of videos, a range of digital content, and even unconventional environmental aspects of your branding campaign, such as pop-up sidewalk installations. Design agencies specialize in all of this.

Vast Experience with the Best

You might be surprised to hear how many prestigious branding campaigns were produced by design agencies. They have overseen all the branding work for major cultural festivals, theatre productions, and a wide range of high-profile corporate clients. It doesn’t matter how big or small the company, or how conventional or unconventional their product — design agencies can handle their branding.

Nimble, Mobile Operations

The lean personnel structure of design agencies positions them to respond to their clients’needs with nimbleness and flexibility. Design agencies usually lean towards being smaller, and are comprised of professionals with diverse skill sets.

Look for a design agency structured so that clients communicate directly with the designers and art directors themselves throughout the process, rather than with an accounts manager. This way, there’s a direct line between the client and the people on the ground doing the strategical and creative work.

This structure permits design agencies to provide custom, hands-on services tailored for many industries, including niche businesses with unique and unusual needs. Adaptability comes naturally when working with a company structured in this way. These are some of the advantages of hiring a design agency, rather than an advertising conglomerate.

Everybody knows that technology has fundamentally changed multiple industries, including advertising. Print advertising still has a place, but it is no longer king in a digital world. Design agencies understand this better than anyone, and they deliver whatever advertising and branding services will best suit your company in a constantly changing digital landscape.

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