5 Tips for Helping You Survey an Area of Land Properly

5 Tips for Helping You Survey an Area of Land Properly

One of the most important events in every person’s life is purchasing a property. We all want to ensure that the properties we intend to buy are good and worth spending our money on.

However, most people forget the importance of conducting a proper survey before purchasing land and end up buying blindly.

Proper research on the different types of land surveying helps you choose the survey you want which later helps you protect your investment and hard-earned money. It also avails critical information that helps you engage in a legal and fair way.

So, you might ask, what tips can I use to make sure that I conduct a proper survey? Here are 5 of the best tips you could use:

1. Determine If You Need a Survey

Take a minute and decide if it’s really necessary to do a survey. Since you will spend money paying professionals to do the survey for you, give this a serious thought. Why do you need the survey in the first place? Let’s have a look at situations that may call for a survey:

When you’re buying new land-You need to ensure that you don’t pay for something that doesn’t exist or buy a smaller area than you had agreed.

You need a survey when constructing anything new on your property- This will help you get to know your properties exact boundaries so that you don’t end up getting sued in case you cross the boundaries unknowingly.

You also need a survey when selling your property-A prior survey increases the marketability. Buyers will take you seriously since you have proof of a proper survey done on your property.

When your neighbour is building anything new-If you suspect that your neighbour is violating setback regulations, then you’d need a survey to start the required legal actions.

2. Contact a few surveying firms to get the cost estimates

Before you contact the survey firms, you need to ensure that you get your title deed first since the surveyors won’t give the cost estimates before you provide the title. The next step is to explain why you need a survey conducted so they can then give you an estimated cost.

3. Compare the resulting estimates from the contacted surveyors

Good survey firms are the ones that would do enough research before they can provide a bid. You’d need to ensure that they check any previous surveyors done on your property either by private surveyors or government offices. This tip is fantastic because it will help you spend less money because the surveyors will verify boundaries quickly.

4. Ensure you choose the best and most reliable surveyor

After looking at all the bids given by the different surveying firms and choosing the fair and best firm, sign the contract before submitting it back. Make sure you also understand how much time it will take for the surveyors to complete that survey before you sign the contract. Choosing the best surveyor firm would be the best thing to do even if they are expensive. This is a super tip because the best firm would give you the best service, so you’d get a proper survey.

5. Avoid Brokers and Deal with Owners

Brokers will always get in the way especially when it comes to land costs as well as survey costs. Be on the lookout for such people so that you do not end up spending too much money than anticipated.

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