Achieving the Expected Results in SEO in Shortest Possible Time

Achieving the Expected Results in SEO in Shortest Possible Time

This question worries many. From three to four months is a very realistic period for making a breakthrough into top-10 if a website already receives acceptable traffic. It is important to have a clear understanding of what exactly you are striving for, the implementation of the whole range of actions aimed at achieving a specific result, a professional approach, the ability to change aspects of the strategy on the go and perseverance. The work within the framework of search optimization is becoming more and more laborious, and the time to achieve the goals is increasing. It is important to “live” to a critical point when your strategy will start to give real results.

There are 19 points you have to keep in mind if your goal is the result in a short time:

  1. Say to yourself: a new round of work begins today.
  2. Start by setting a very specific goal, answering two questions: 1) What do you really need: learn how to increase conversion, double the number of leads, another? 2) What do you need to do?
  3. Put your high hopes on the content. Good content is an effective tool that allows you to solve the complexities of your most important problems in search marketing. Content is the main (though far from being the only) component of the brand’s promotion strategy.
  4. Do not focus on the goal: to increase the amount of content on a website in a short time.
  5. Focus on the goal: to create as much as possible the content demanded by the audience in a short time.
  6. Interesting content – the one that people share on the Internet. But you need content that increases lead generation. Not all of those who share your materials become your customers. Track each of your material: how did it affect the number of hits? If it has influenced in a positive way – strive to create materials in this way.
  7. Promote your content on social media.
  8. Write not only for the blog of your company but also for the largest possible number of respected resources on a particular subject.
  9. Interview the recognized experts of your market and publish it on a company’s’ blog.
  10. Invest in creating great content: e-books, white paper, manuals.
  11. Do not become attached to the templates: if you are writing an article, do not strive to write simple textual material strictly following the format. Diversify your text with infographics, videos, interesting illustrations. Work at the junction of genres – and you can find something new and interesting.
  12. It’s time to create your own “photo-bank” to illustrate blog materials. Original images are a plus to your karma.
  13. Every morning start with the thought: what may not satisfy the audience on the website? What can be changed?
  14. Solve the main problem of the near future – implement an adaptive layout on your website. Mobile traffic, growing at an incredible pace, is needed today by everyone.
  15. Find and hire a designer who makes awesome infographics.
  16. Publish at least two infographics per week.
  17. Get involved in video production.
  18. Do not be afraid of the problems that scarer: video is expensive, and we barely understand anything in it. The main thing is to start. Even filming on the iPhone. It is better to do worse than to do nothing.
  19. Remember: the result is always correlated with the budget. It is impossible, to invest a minimum and get the maximum.

Search Engine Optimization Services can help you grow your audience, but it will take some time.



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