Ceramic Pro vs. Waxing your Car: What is Better?

Ceramic Pro vs. Waxing your Car: What is Better?

For car owners, one of the biggest concerns has always been long lasting and affordable protective car coatings. Today’s advanced automotive industry offers car owners a variety of options for protecting their vehicle’s paint from harsh acid rain particles, UV light, scratches, sand, bird droppings, rust and grit. However, the problem is that people often become confused about the multitude of coatings that are available and choosing one according to their needs becomes difficult for them.

There are two main methods that are used for protecting the paint of your vehicle and they are car wax and ceramic coating. Let’s explore both options:

Car Wax

Carnauba wax is the most common form of car wax that can be found these days and this natural substance is obtained from leaves of the Copernicia Prunifera Palm, which is found in the area of Northern Brazil. The palm secrets carnauba for protecting itself from the harsh heat and rays of the sun and this enables the tree to retain its moisture. This material is made into car wax after it is combined with other waxes like beeswax and solvents. The more carnauba wax is used in the formation of car wax, the higher shine and durability it can offer to the cars.

Waxing your car is usually effective for about six months and after this, the wax has to be renewed again for making your vehicle shine. One of the best things about car wax is that you can easily apply it yourself on your car and you don’t need the help of a professional for this purpose. It is also a cheaper option as compared to the alternative and has wonderful hydrophobic properties. Car wax is also resistant to heat and can provide your vehicle a wet-look shine.

But, there are a couple of downsides as well. Car wax has to be regularly applied for protecting the pain of your vehicle. Applying car wax over and over again also consumes a lot of energy, time and effort.

Nano Ceramic Coating

A liquid polymer, Nano ceramic coating is obtained from silica, which is used in the manufacturing of ceramic and glass products. There is a misconception that ceramic is white in color or opaque, but that’s not the case. It can be found in a plethora of colors, molecular structures and compositions. Since Nano ceramic car coatings such as Ceramic Pro are inorganic in nature, they can be manufactured at a higher temperature. This empowers them to form a strong atomic bond with pain substrates.

The Nano ceramic technology that’s used in Ceramic Pro offers stronger resistance and protection to UV lights, bird droppings, scratches, harsh weather, grit and sand. This coating cannot be removed with the use of paint cleaners or pressure washers. The greatest advantage of Nano ceramic coating like Ceramic Pro is that it lasts a lot longer than car wax, which has to be redone after every 5 to 6 months. But, one thing to bear in mind is that you need professional assistance for applying Ceramic Pro. When you are looking for an installer, it is a good idea to look for certified installers such as Double Take Auto Spa of Fremont.

As long as it is done right, Ceramic Pro can provide excellent protection against UV rays of the sun thereby protecting the paint. Likewise, its high resistant nature against bird droppings, scratches, sand, mud and acid rain allows it to last for years. It provides an intense shine and gloss to the car for several years and makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain your car’’s appearance.

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