Dumpster Rental Guide

Dumpster Rental Guide

So you’ve finally made the decision to start your spring cleaning. You’ve made the hard decision to finally part ways with the pink bowling ball your grandma gave you twenty years ago and that Chia pet from many moons ago. You realize there’s a lot of stuff to go through, and it won’t all fit in your trash can. What do you do? You rent a dumpster of course!

We spoke with Travis Baker, owner of Heartland Recycling Services, a company that allows clients to rent a dumpster, along with many other recycling services.  They work to meet the recycling and waste management needs of that community, providing safe and environmentally responsible solutions to residents. We discussed some of the things you need to know before renting a dumpster and what to do once it arrives.

How much waste?

The first consideration is how much dumpster space you will actually need. Roll off dumpsters come in different sizes, often measured in cubic yards. Standard dumpster sizes include ten, twenty, thirty and forty yards. Heartland Recycling Services provides sizing guides to their dumpsters, so if you have a general idea of how much waste you will have you can order a dumpster to accommodate it all without leaving too much empty space.

The type of waste you are generating is also an important consideration. Some dumpsters are designed to accommodate heavier materials. For most small scale projects the waste generated is classified as Municipal Solid Waste (or MSW). However some types of projects generate construction and demolition waste, heavier materials that need to be properly disposed of. These tend to require a different type of rental than the standard MSW dumpster. While these are slightly more expensive, you need a dumpster that can handle the waste you are filling it with!

Pre-Dumpster Preparation

Most dumpster rentals come with a specified period of time, so it is best to have everything ready to go before you rent the dumpster. Once it arrives you will want to efficiently move your waste materials out to it. If you are busy deciding what to get rid of and sorting things out, not to mention organizing them for disposal, you may have to pay more than you initially budgeted for.  

You also need to have a location for the roll off dumpster selected beforehand. Depending on the size of dumpster you are renting, it may or may not fit in your driveway. If it will not, you need to make sure it is legal to put it in the street. Speaking with neighbors beforehand too could be good so that their cars are not in the way the day your dumpster arrives. You will need a clear space with no obstructions so you can safely and efficiently fill the dumpster.

When the Dumpster Arrives

The obvious thing to do once your dumpster has arrived is to start throwing things away! However, make sure that you place objects in the dumpster in a logical manner. Larger items should go in first and it should be filled from the front to back to maximize the use of space. It would be unfortunate to fill the back first then have to unpack it realizing you can’t access the front half of it!

It is also advisable to watch for any illegal dumping in your dumpster. If you have selected the proper size you shouldn’t have that much space to spare, so if anyone comes trying to get rid of their own waste it may mean that you cannot offload all of your own in the dumpster. While it is impractical to guard a dumpster that sits on public property all night, leaving a light on and being aware of that some people may try to illegally dispose of their waste in your dumpster is a good idea.

While the process is simple overall and has been streamlined for your convenience, there are a few considerations to take into account when you rent a dumpster. It is first and foremost important that you get the right size and have it delivered only once you are ready for it. While no guide can include everything you need to know about dumpster rental, it is important to do your homework and have an idea ahead of time of how things will go.

The best advice anyone can give is simply to speak with the company. They are there to help you. Once you’ve done your research and know which dumpster rental company you will be working with, give them a call and work through any issues or questions that you have. Ask for the driver’s phone number ahead of time, that way you can coordinate and make him aware of any issues ahead of time. Open communication is the best strategy. If you do all these things then you ought to be able to dispose of all your waste in a cost effective and safe manner. Happy spring cleaning!

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