Here’s a Guide to Company Formation in Ajman, UAE

Here's a Guide to Company Formation in Ajman, UAE

Ajman is the smallest of all the 7 emirates. It is situated in the Arabian Gulf on an area of 260 square kilometers. Primary Construction, manufacturing, real estate, retail, transport, and business services etc. are situated in Ajman.

For the company formation in Ajman, proper planning and proper decision making is needed. This is because for Ajman business setup, there are a lot of things that need to be considered including the company name, business activity, license and much more. The companies thus have to make all the necessary planning to cope up with all the decisions they have to make in the long run.

For the company formation in Ajman, a whole perspective of the entrepreneur comes into action. The way he thinks or the way he wants to execute his planning is all that is needed in the whole process. That is why a person who is looking forward to starting his own business in Ajman must keep all the minor and major things in mind in order to keep up with all the procedural formalities.

Company Formation in Ajman mainland

Business set up firms have all the required knowledge about the laws and regulations of company formation in Ajman. This is why it can help you in setting your business set up in Ajman by availing all the facilities being offered to you.

Mainland Company

Companies in commercial areas who are directly registered under the Emirates government and other concerned authorities are referred to as the mainland companies. Mainland in Ajman has the most developed economy because it is set right according to the legal processes implemented by the government in the UAE. the legal structures that can be present in a mainland company in Ajman are;

A Limited Liability Company(LLC)

A Public Shareholding Company

A Professional Firm

A Branch Office

A Representative Office

Business activities in Ajman mainland

Numerous business activities are offered in the Ajman mainland. Entrepreneurs and business owners can choose any business activity for their company. The only three exceptions that exist are banking, investment, and insurance. Apart from them, there is great diversity in the economy of Ajman mainland.


No currency restrictions

no currency restrictions apply to the business setups in Ajman mainland

Auditing not mandatory

the yearly auditing is not at all mandatory in Ajman mainland. This is a relaxing advantage for those businesses who are always worried about the audit.

Rent office wherever you want

You have the freedom to form your company anywhere you want or need in the mainland.

No activity limitations

In other locations of UAE, the business activities are limited whereas in Ajman mainland, there are a lot of business activities a business owner can choose from.

Zero capital requirement

You do not need to have a particular amount of capital to start your business in Ajman mainland.

Tax-Free business

Business owners in Ajman mainland will not have to pay any tax other than VAT.

No visa limitation

A company can get as many visas as it wishes and grows. As the company expands, it can add additional employees to it.

Ajman has a trade free zones it’s has called Ajman free zone, for more information about business setup click here.

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