Hit the Ground Running: How to Choose the Best Office Equipment for Your Startup

Hit the Ground Running: How to Choose the Best Office Equipment for Your Startup

Did you know that quality office equipment can improve productivity? Your startup relies on your employees feeling committed and engaged with the business.

If they aren’t comfortable with their basic needs met, they won’t feel engaged.

Your office needs the equipment to make it run smoothly. Customers and employees should walk in and see your brand. It may sound overwhelming, but the list of necessities that you need is short and easy.

What does your startup’s new office need? Keep reading for the ultimate office equipment checklist.

What Do You Need?

The reason you’re getting office space is that your laptop and couch aren’t working anymore. You need a professional space for you and your employees to work.

While you may feel tempted to decorate the office in your style, don’t. Save your money as a new business. Invest only in the things you need right now.


If you have employees on the books, you must provide computers. They could be laptops or desktops. Some models are better suited to your industry.

For example, if your business is a graphic design agency, get a computer known for editing tools. You’ll want a large, clear screen with excellent resolution.

Internet Connection

Do you rely on quick communication with colleagues, customers, and clients? Then you need an exceptional WIFI connection.

Research all your internet provider options. Talk to their customer service reps in person or over the phone. See who will give you the best deal or at least price match the competition.

And, look for a provider who provides same-day service. If you have a blackout and the internet doesn’t restart, how long will you wait? With an efficient provider, not long.

Printer and Scanner

Many traditional components of business are getting digitized. Contracts can get signed online and files stored digitally.

But there will always be the odd task that requires paper copies. Or, you’ll need to scan paper copies to get digitized.

You can buy affordable printer-scanner combinations for these purposes.

Paper Shredder

Speaking of paper, your business needs a shredder. There are tons of reasons you may need to shred documents or papers. One would be any papers that include personal information of past employees.

If your business isn’t a brick-and-mortar store but a private office, protect your identity. Shred any recycling that has your name and address on it.

Shredding is also important for preventing office fires and being eco-friendly.

Desks and Chairs

You don’t have to spend a fortune on desks and chairs. But you do want to invest in ergonomic equipment that won’t create injuries for your employees.

Buy chairs that have adjustable heights, armrests, and tilts. The desk should be standard height but consider adjustable standing-to-sitting desks.

Customer Area

Do you have a waiting area for customers or clients? It’s incredibly important to make this area welcoming and comfortable.

Have clear and obvious branding so they know they’re in the right place. Provide comfortable seating, TVs, and reading materials. Consider making a coffee and water station by investing in quality office water coolers or coffee machine.  

Where Can You Buy Office Equipment?

As a startup, you likely don’t have millions to spend on decking out your office. You need high-quality pieces that are also affordable.

Here are the best places to find office equipment.

Office Retail Stores

There are a handful of popular office supply stores that carry equipment. For an easy purchase that doesn’t take much quality control, go here. You’re guaranteed brand new items that are ready to use.

But, keep in mind that these stores price for their convenience. You are more likely to pay a hefty price at office retail department stores.

Instead, go online. There are tons of digital office stores, like 1-800 Office Solutions, that offer new equipment at the right price.

Secondhand Online and In-Person

Another great place to find office equipment is at secondhand stores. Check out your local thrift stores and consignment shops. Pawn shops may also have the equipment you need.

For specific tools and models, go online. Secondhand online stores, like Craigslist, offer thousands of listings in the office niche. If there’s a specific printer you want, browse the listings.

Plus, when you buy off sites like Craigslist, you can negotiate the price. If you’re buying all of the seller’s office items for sale, ask for a bulk price. Never assume the price is final until you’ve tried to negotiate.

Ask Around on Social Media

There’s no harm in asking your social circles for what you need! Let all your friends, colleagues, and family members know what you’re looking for on social media.

You never know whose uncle has a set of high-end office chairs in his basement.

Also, utilize the marketplace section on Facebook. You can buy and sell tons of office equipment and tools here. And, you can negotiate the price.

Closing Businesses and Yard Sales

Keep an eye out for offices that are going out of business. In some cases, the business owner is moving their items to a new office space. But in others, they want to get rid of their office items fast.

You can find out about closeout sales from driving by, your social media feed, and word of mouth. It may take some digging and a hint of luck to find these scenarios, but if you do, they’re worth it.

Then, browse through yard sales in your city. You’d be surprised by the current and modern office gadgets for sale. People buy things they only use once and then they sit in the garage until yard sale day.

Basically, anywhere people are selling their things, take a look. You never know what kind of office equipment gold you could find.

Want to Learn More About Office Tools for Startups?

When you buy the best office equipment, your business is more likely to succeed. Employees will feel comfortable and motivated. The work that needs to get done will happen more efficiently.

The checklist above contains all the tools you need. There are some other tools and gadgets that would make it more fun but aren’t necessary.

If you get your startup to the point where you can buy fun gadgets, read here. Learn about the various technologies that can take your business to the next level.

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