Home Decor 101: How To Decorate Living Room With Cushions

Home Decor 101: How To Decorate Living Room With Cushions

Your home is your wonderland. It is not just a place to eat and sleep but the vibrancy of the home speak volumes about your personality. The way you keep it and the decor you pick says a lot about who you are and what are your choices.

When it comes to decorating the living room, utmost attention is required to the details because unlike other areas of the house, this is the one outsiders lay their eyes on. This will give them a long lasting impression on how you keep the rest of your home, so nothing should be wrong with it. If you have a flair for decorating your house but no idea where to start from and how to do it then this article will help you.

We say, start from the living room and pick the furniture first because this is where all the action takes place, the couch and the cushions. Here are a few dos and don’ts when  it comes to picking cushions for the sofa:

Are Cushions Matching Your Sofa? Discard them!

Cushions are a great way to bring a pop of colour and texture to the living area. They are the ones which decide your creative approach towards home decor and when the cushions are exact same match with sofa, it looks like a mundane piece of furniture which is just lying in the living room. Pick the cushions that compliments the colour of the wall and is in some contrast with the sofa and see the living room come alive with minimal effort.

Patterns and Designs

This one you have to mull over for quite a time. The ones that are in trend now are sequined embellished that could be rolled over with hand. When it comes to pattern, chevron is ruling the charts. Howsoever, the pattern that will suit you the most is the one that will complement the other factors of the living room.  Sit in the middle of the room and take a good look around the room. See the pattern that would fit best according to the colour scheme and designs already existing in the room. To add a dash of chic, pick personalised cushions to place it in the front of the sofa. Make sure the picture you choose to put on it has a clear contrast of colours in it. You can get personalised cushions online at affordable prices and extravagant designs.

Number Of Cushions On The Sofa

How many are too many and how much is too less! It is totally your choice that how many cushions you need. For a more traditional vibe choose cushions in pairs and for a modernistic touch, pick n number of cushions depending on how you wish to arrange them. One of the main factors that will come into play while deciding the number of cushions is the size of the sofa.

Colour Palette

This is the tricky part. If done right, the cushions will bind all the decor elements together for a serene look and if done wrong, they will make the decor look loud and cluttered. If the living room is full of pattern and designs, the rug, carpet, table mat, table runner, wall decor all carry some sort of decorative pattern, then choose pastel palette for the cushions. 5t will counterbalance the patterns in a serene way. If the outlook of the living room is harmonious then you can pick some bright shades to add a pop of colour to the decor.

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