How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor

How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor

Astra Wealth Advisors has been working in financial planning or advising for the last 25 years. The term financial advisor apply to wide range of people including a certified financial planner, stockbroker, registered investment advisor, chartered financial analyst and wealth managers Now most companies offer all these services under one umbrella, which is convenient for you. A good financial advisor needs a holistic view of your financial situation to make a successful strategy. It is not only about your income or the assets you own, but knowing about your banking, investment, insurance, and credit needs. Having a bird`s eye view of your cost of living, credit needs, debt obligation, retirement planning, and life goals, the advisor can formulate a tailor-made strategy to suit your purpose. The planning should be flexible as circumstances change with life and age so that the resource could be reallocated according to the need. Before you put your hard earned money in the hands of a financial advisor check the reputation and background of the company or person.

Different service for different needs

You need different advice for a different situation. Investment planning ensures the correct allocation of your resource to meet your financial goals and requirements. There are thousands of investment option be it cash, bonds, equity, gold or silver. The competent advisor will give you correct advice according to your risk appetite, age, and resources. An efficient tax planning allows you to take different tax benefits and pay optimized tax over a financial year. The best give that you can give to your child is education which ensures financial independence and a bright future. As education is going expensive a timely planning to meet your child`s education expenses is essential. A good financial advisor not only helps you to meet the responsibility of your parenting but ensure the future of your child. Proper Insurance management assesses whether you are over or underinsured. If there is a contingent the money assured could give some solace and resource to your family.


Financial advisors have profound and broad knowledge about money matters particularly when it comes to complex subjects like taxes and investment than you do. A good retirement planning is essential as with age you stop earning, or it drastically falls, your current age and income is the intrinsic value for a retirement plan. A professional help ensures your old age is financially independent and confident taking account of your health and medical expenses. Another benefit is you save time for yourself as the professional hand takes care of your portfolio; periodic review is all that you need. A good financial advisor gives guidance while planning your future goals through retirement policies, investment strategies, tax planning or estate planning. Planning meets unforeseen events to a large extent. Before you hire a financial advisor, you need to know about their fee and the structure. You must not be completely dependent on your financial advisor as at the end of the day it is your money, your resource, and your dream.

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