How to Make Money from Blogging – Five Easy Ways

How to Make Money from Blogging – Five Easy Ways

These days and in the current economic climate, it’s common to have a second job. What’s unusual about 2019 is that in most cases, that second job is a microbusiness. Thanks to the power of the internet, there are many ways you are able to monetise your web presence. You can even make money from your hobby with the right mindset and approach. Here are some things you might try to accomplish that.

Travel Blogging

People love to read about travel and, of course, see gorgeous images from your travels. Many people have built travel blogs from nothing. There are several ways you might make money travel blogging:

  • Journaling your travels
  • Writing reviews about the places you visit
  • Travel photography

The first two are potentially a great source of advertising revenue from travel companies and tourism bodies (even government heritage programmes). With the latter you may also be able to sell rights to your images.

Cookery Blogging

We all enjoy watching TV chefs and cookery shows but the dishes they make are a little complex and daunting for the average viewer. A cookery blog written by a single person who is “just one of us” has the potential to reach out to a global audience especially written in an accessible tone. People love images of food – it’s a popular subject to post about on Instagram. Recipes will bring a lot of traffic and ideally, advertising revenue from big name retailers and electrical goods and gadgets.

Photography and Art Prints

Visuals sell. We’ve already explained that in the travel blogging section above. But rather than treating photos and artwork as an afterthought and passive income, why not specifically sell art and photo prints? You will need a web shop of course, and some of these services are cheap to set up and run and you can also use what is a called a “drop shipping” service so you need not worry about buying expensive printers and warehouse space. All that is handled for you – including delivery.

Create a Satire Site

The best thing about writing satire is that the content is already there just waiting to be ridiculed. People love to laugh at the world and you’re unlikely to ever run out of things to write about. Some of the biggest names in satire today (NewsThump, The Daily Mash, The Onion) all began as small websites. The latter two now have their own TV shows. The premise is simple – they take a hot topic or a specific news story and create a humorous slant on it.

Sponsored Content

There are specific blogs that exist purely to promote content for businesses – ebooks, apps, technology, events, almost anything. Your source of income will be two-fold. Firstly, advertising revenue based on your traffic. Secondly, you can charge for your promotional services and access to your traffic. This is a successful model for both bloggers and small businesses right now. Micro sellers with a small budget can access a ready audience while bloggers are also paid to promote goods and services.

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