ICND1 Is The Starting Point For All Cisco Technologies And Careers

ICND1 Is The Starting Point For All Cisco Technologies And Careers

The ICND1 training is linked with the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) certification as you achieve the CCENT along with the CCNA certification. To build a career in networking successfully, it is essential to get this certification as it is the first step towards obtaining other intermediate level CISCO certifications.

Once you have obtained this certification, you can prove your aptitude and expertise regarding the basics of networking, application of LAN switching, fundamentals of routing services and knowledge of infrastructure support.

Even though ICND1 is one of several Cisco training courses, it holds numerous advantages that can help you kick-start your career in the field of networking.

Getting Started

Once you have made up your mind to opt for a beginner-level CISCO certification, most people will recommend you to choose CCNA as it is considered by some professionals to be less time-consuming. That might be true to some extent, but by choosing ICND1 training, you can have the added advantage of an added certification CCENT certification.

Completion of this course will result in a dramatic increase in your credibility as you will be considered to be technically sound in networking and also have the edge over others in the job market.


Despite being a professional, before starting your CISCO certification, you will have to first obtain an ICND1 and 2 or CCNA certification. Therefore, it would greatly benefit your career if you get an advanced level CISCO certification, after first completing the prerequisite.

Course Completion

After the completion of this course, you will be able to deal with the configuration and installation of Internet Protocol version 4 and 6. You will acquire the necessary skills to detect and evaluate security risks and perform various other tasks related to networking.

Going For Advanced Level Certifications

In order to enroll in advanced level Cisco training courses, it is mandatory to clear the ICND1exam first. This helps in creating a solid foundation of the basics in networking, enabling smooth progress in the advanced level courses.

Career Benefits

Once you have obtained this certification, you will have greater chances of getting a promotion along with a higher rank in your workplace. You will also start seeing tangible benefits in your career. Also, you will be able to undertake various challenging projects and responsibilities with great confidence. Your managers will also notice the improvement in your attitudes towards risk and will keep this in mind when considering you for further promotions.

Benefits Of  ICND1 Training

Polish technical skills: Once you have passed your ICND1exam, you will find that your skills have greatly improved as you can better manage, configure, install, fix and troubleshoot your company’s network devices.

  • Increased client satisfaction: With the help of the ICND1certification, you will gain the necessary skills that are required to detect and fix various technical network related issues in your organization more effectively. As clients report better satisfaction levels with the customer service they receive, your chances of making progress in your career will become brighter.
  • Improved IT knowledge: Despite the fact that this is an elementary certification, it can help to give you knowledge of changing trends in the field of networking. The ICND1 certification gives theoretical as well as technical knowledge about different aspects of networking. Networking is a field that is constantly undergoing one change after the other, and it is easy for professionals to get out of touch with these advancements. In such an environment, such upgradation of knowledge is a welcome offer.
  • In-depth knowledge of CISCO fundamentals: Through the information acquired for preparing for the ICND1 certification, you will be able to increase your knowledge and get detailed knowledge about the fundamentals of CISCO networking. Such knowledge is essential to be aware of changing IT trends and secure your position in the industry as a networking professional.
  • Professional validation and acceptance: Once you have completed your ICND1 exam, you will get the validation and approval that is required to become a successful networking professional. You will have better chances to get employed in business organizations that are seeking trained CISCO professionals for managing their network operations.
  • Securing a higher rank in your team: Nowadays, theoretical knowledge has become as important as professional knowledge. While professional skills can be updated on the job, theoretical knowledge can only be increased by regular self-study or professional courses. Since it is difficult to develop the discipline required for self-study, enrolling in a formal certification program can provide the stimulus to update one’s theoretical knowledge.
  • Even if you don’t have enough professional experience or have just stepped into the IT industry, getting an ICND1 certification will help you to quickly secure a higher rank in your organization by imparting the technical and theoretical skills you need to get a firm footing in this industry.
  • Additional bonuses and benefits: Once you have completed your certification, you will automatically become an asset for your organization. There is a high demand for network professionals that are CISCO certified. Once you have acquired your ICND1 certification, you can expect a raise in your salary as business organizations value such professionals that are professionally qualified and keep on updating their IT knowledge and skills. This is a good opportunity to negotiate your desired pay scale and benefits with your employer.
  • A foundation for advanced certifications: In order to gain the required exposure, professional success, and recognition, the ICND1 certification is the foundation to acquire other mid-level and professional level certifications. Once you have cleared your ICND1 certification exam, you can apply for another advanced level CISCO and cybersecurity certifications. This will lead to further opportunities for career advancement and international assignments.
  • Better job opportunities: CISCO offers certifications that are universally accepted by companies internationally. CCNA certificate holders can easily apply for a job in any part of the world as most companies managing global IT networks prefer hiring networking professionals who hold CCNA certifications.

Final Word

There are numerous benefits of taking the ICND1 certification. Even though it requires a considerable investment of time and effort, the results are worth it. Better career prospects, personal growth, and a better lifestyle are some of the benefits that this certification offers.

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