Ordering Bulk Custom Bobbleheads: How Much Does A Custom Bobblehead Cost?

Ordering Bulk Custom Bobbleheads: How Much Does A Custom Bobblehead Cost?

When it comes to creating custom bobbleheads, it is always better to order in bulk instead of in small quantities. This is especially true if you want to use the custom figurine for special events, such as company anniversary, wedding, business presentation, and so on. You might want to give those bobblehead figures to your clients or guests.

By ordering in bulk, you will get a huge discount for your order. When compared to ordering it individually or in small quantity, ordering in bulk will save you a lot of money. Moreover, it is much simpler to manage. You simply give the requirements to the bobblehead supplier, and you will get your entire required custom figurine at the same time.

Various Occasions To Order Bulk Custom Bobbleheads

There are various occasions to get custom bobbleheads in bulk. Some of these occasions include:

  • The wedding party. If you want to give the custom bobblehead dolls for your guests to memorize your love union, then it is recommended for you to purchase the custom bobbleheads in bulk.
  • Business event. If you want to promote your business and want to distribute the personalized bobbleheads for your business clients, it will be much more affordable for you to order the dolls in bulk.
  • Reseller. If you want to create your own bobblehead doll creation and sell it to the customers, ordering in bulk will be a great way to cut costs of production and increase the margin of profits for your business.
  • Merchandizing. If you want to give your customers a merchandize for using your product or service, you can buy the custom bobbleheads in bulk to reduce the overall costs while keeping your customers happy with what you offer.
  • Birthday party. You can give your friends and family members a personalized bobblehead made based on your photos in your birthday. This can be used as a thank-you gift for the guests for attending your party, and it is recommended for you to order it in bulk.

Ordering Bulk Custom Bobbleheads: How Much Does A Custom Bobblehead Cost?

Some Reasons To Order In Bulk Instead Of Individually

Ordering the customized bobblehead dolls in bulk can give you many benefits, including:

  • You get a good discount for your order.
  • You also get a good price cut in terms of shipping.
  • You can get your customized bobblehead dolls to look just the same because they are crafted at the same time.
  • You can get them all shipped at the same time instead of waiting for different shipments.
  • They are made with special materials that are environmentally friendly with higher quality finish in order to keep it in good condition.

The Cost Of Custom Bobblehead Bulk Order

At Abobblehead, a bobblehead supplier that you can visit at www.abobblehead.com, the average cost of a custom bobblehead is about $50 – $100 if you order individually. However, when you order it in bulk, you will be eligible to get a big discount for your order. The discount range from 5% to 30% based on the quantity of your order.

Moreover, you will be eligible to get free shipping if your order reaches a certain threshold. This way, you will save even more from your overall order. Abobblehead is a recommended service provider for your bulk custom bobblehead order because they offer the best quality handmade bobbleheads with the best pricing and deals.

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