Russell Brunson’s Right Hand Man Sets Out to Change Network Marketing

Russell Brunson’s Right Hand Man Sets Out to Change Network Marketing

Steve Larsen has launched an all out attack on the business of MLM. But before we get into our Secret MLM Hacks review, let’s look at the history of network marketing and the catalyst behind creating this course…

Direct sales is a $34 BILLION dollar industry (in the U.S. alone). Companies like Amway and Herbalife have built global empires, created countless success stories, and have entered the mainstream with broad appeal infiltrating our culture.

You probably have a neighbor that sells Mary Kay or Avon cosmetics… Maybe you’ve done the P90X or Insanity workouts… or used Tupperware bins and cutco knives in your own kitchen.

Avon, LegalShield, Amway, Beachbody, and other household names are are all successful multi-level marketing companies.

But let’s face it – the direct sales industry has also swallowed more than a small share of criticism over the years. Reddit even has it’s own subreddit for people attacking network marketers. For as much as MLM has brought opportunity, and success, the industry’s business practices have also been mocked, even attacked.

Multi-level-marketing has it’s pros and cons – but the negativity around the perception of the industry has been enough to keep many would-be entrepreneurs from entering the space…

Since Amway IBOs were first getting started roughly 60 years ago, network marketers have been selling face to face. Using their warm market of friends and family as targets for soliciting new business.

This aggressive approach of building a business off the backs of our loved ones and our closest relationships has soured many to MLM. Strangely, six decades later, despite advances in technology, industry practices have not changed.

Network marketing companies are still teaching distributors to chase friends and family to build their MLM business.

Until now… Enter Steve Larsen and Secret MLM Hacks.

Years ago, Steve Larsen found himself joining an MLM. Brand new – trying to make some money, he did what everyone else does. He chased friends and family…

Fast forward a few months later, and his story is likely a familiar one. He quit his MLM. Defeated and embarrassed, he swore off MLM for other entrepreneurial projects…

Fast forward a few more years, and he’s working side by side with Russell Brunson, he’s learning marketing from some of the best in the business. He’s creating sales funnels for major companies, and he’s coaching digital entrepreneurs into six and seven figure success stories…

He’s also revisiting MLM. Quietly building his network marketing empire “on the side” while working for Russell Brunson.

Only this time, Steve Larsen began building his MLM differently than how the mainstream MLMers where teaching. Instead of friends and family, Steve implemented the digital marketing strategies he used for other companies at ClickFunnels. By using online marketing methods such publishing and creating sales funnels, he was able to get leads, recruit new reps, and sell products online.

In January 2018, Steve Larsen quit his job with Russell Brunson determined to take what he learned at ClickFunnels and use it to shake up the network marketing space.

This is why Secret MLM Hacks was created.

This isn’t just another course promising you riches in return for a small investment. This is Steve Larsen’s mission. He unplugged from his day job (his dream job) at ClickFunnels to disrupt the multi-billion dollar multi-level marketing machine.

Today, his personal downline is growing like crazy, and his Secret MLM Hacks course is creating network marketing success stories.

What’s included in Secret MLM Hacks?

There are several modules in the course… For example, you’ll learn:

Module 1 – Paid Prospecting Secrets… How To Get Paid To Prospect

Module 2 – Steve’s Auto-Closing System

Module 3 – How To Manage Your Downline

Module 4 – Secrets to Courting Your Market

Module 5 – Product Selling Hacks… How To Automate Product Sales

In addition to the five main modules, you’ll receive an interactive workbook “Proven Secrets to Double Your Recruiting in Any MLM Business.”

This is an 80 page handbook that goes along with the training modules to help you design your MLM empire. Your message, your hook, your story, and your offer…

Steve Larsen’s MLM Funnels

Steve Larsen is best known for being one of the top funnel builders at ClickFunnels. During his two years at ClickFunnels, he’s launched over 500 funnels. When you buy Secret MLM Hacks, Steve gives you some of his MLM funnels for free.

Get his auto-recruiting funnel, product funnels, bridge funnels, e-commerce funnel, optin funnels, webinar funnels, and more. All are included with the course.

More from the Secret MLM Hacks course…

Secret MLM Hacks will teach you how to build your brand. If you want to establish yourself as the go-to expert in network marketing – this is the course for you. Learn how to out-market and out-sell your upline.

The course includes bonus modules such as “ZuckerCider” that goes into facebook ads strategies… Facebook is not a fan of advertising MLMs through their platform. So how do you get around that?

The Secret MLM Hacks course also includes a bonus module with additional closing strategies as well as the “MLM Masters Pack” you can use for your own marketing efforts.

Secret MLM Hacks isn’t just the course content. Access to the Secret MLM Hacks facebook group alone is worth the price of the course. Steve goes live every Friday, he answers questions, and is available to help you grow your team and sell more products.

Secret MLM Hacks Review

The Secret MLM Hacks system is built by one of the top digital marketing experts. He’s bringing 2019 marketing ideas to an industry that is for the most part trapped in the 1980s…

It’s a refreshing angle on a stale business model that is bringing other marketing professionals and entrepreneurs back into MLM. For a while I was starting to think MLM was a three letter word. Now I’m building a team again –and excited to grow an asset that can bring passive income for years to come.

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