Some Unique Features of Modern Business IP Phones

Some Unique Features of Modern Business IP Phones

If you look around, you will find out that more and more businesses are going for IP solutions for their overall communication. Whether it is internal communication within the office or external communication with customers, today’s modern business IP phones can take care of it all. Distortion free lines and high quality sound are the understood features of any telephone system in the office. What you need to look at now are some unique features that will help you improve your customer service. Let’s take a look at these unique features.

Unique Business IP Phone Features

Virtual Phone Number

This is one of the best features that you can have on your business IP phones today. You can have the company providing you the VoIP services allot you a virtual number. Every time a customer calls this phone, your phone is going to ring. Keep in mind that it will not be your real number but only a virtual number that is connected to your VoIP service. The best thing is that you can choose the number you want for yourself. It does not have to be a local number. Instead, you can choose an international number that anyone can call from anywhere.

Call Parking

This is one of the best features in today’s IP phones. Unfortunately, a lot of people confuse call parking feature with on-hold feature. The two options are not the same. Call parking can save you a lot of time when you look at the statistics at the end of the day. This feature allows you to route a customer’s call directly to the person who the customer talked to last time. The receptionist does not even have to pick up the phone and inform the customer about it because that’s a waste of about 20 to 30 seconds easily. Imagine how much time will be saved at the end of the day with this feature.

Custom Tune for Holding

You have the option to choose the music that plays when the customer holds on the line. Now, it is up to you to make this time productive for you and the customer or leave it empty. When some random music plays on hold, you don’t get anything out of it. However, what if you could choose the music that plays at that time? How about replacing music with something informative about your services? That’s what the companies are doing now. During the hold time, they are telling their customers relevant deals and packages that they can take advantage of.

Final Thoughts

There are many other features that you have to pay attention to when you go for business IP phones. It is best that you spend some time researching the options only. While you don’t want to pay for features you don’t need, you also don’t want to miss the features you need the most. With IP phones, your options are unlimited. There is no doubt that with the right IP phones and VoIP service, you can take your customer service to the next level.

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