Things to Know Before Closing a Property Deal

Things to Know Before Closing a Property Deal

Is there a feeling that beats owning that property you’ve been saving for a long time? It works even better if it is your dream house and you take it as a reward to self for a sacrifice that is worth the deal. Even when you are in for a mortgage or some other kind of loan to fill up your deficit finally getting the key to your property makes it wonderful.

Quite often, closing the deal is a demanding process that consumes your time, energy and resources. It is therefore important to get it right, acknowledging that anything done wrong might be equally tedious to correct. Here are a number of things to know before finally closing that deal

Know the Actual Legal Status

The legal status of the property is virtually the backbone of any deal. Anything that doesn’t go right at this end is bound to cause you trouble somewhere down the line.

When looking at the legality, a lot of items must be considered. To start with, ensure that the owner/seller, their agent or representative is acting in the right and legal capacity. Think of a family property where one of the siblings wants to defraud others and entangles you unknowingly into a bad deal. Or a property agent who is not genuine and sells you a property that you will never set foot in. Therefore, you must make it your task to first and foremost establish indeed that the property you are about to purchase is legally owned and the sale process well acknowledged by relevant parties. In other words, ensure that the title has no illegalities or is not held in any disputable attachments.

In addition, find out whether the property has any disputes with the relevant government authorities. For instance, find out whether it is public land or any other attachment.

Count Your Cost Wisely

Is the overall property worth your hard earned dollars?

The excitement that comes with property ownership can be rather blindfolding. You may just fail to see a few important things that would otherwise be obvious. For example, you need to foresee the maintenance costs that come with the ownership of the property. Will it be within reach? If there is a renovation to be done, you must weigh the approximate cost against the cost of the house and other expenses.

There will also be taxes on the property. Regardless of how you intend to use your property, the government will have a slice of it in the form of taxes. Although you can never thoroughly approximate the cost of taxes in the future, it is advisable to engage a competent property or tax expert such as Pumped On Property Brisbane.

Be on the safe Side: Use an Escrow Account

An escrow account simply allows both parties to make deposits to a third party who holds it on their behalf. An elaborate contract is shared with the parties clearly outlining the obligations of each party in regards to the amounts in question. Such an arrangement can greatly save you from trouble in case the deal goes sour.

Engage a Lawyer

Whether you are dealing with an individual, an agent or even a person that is well known to you, getting into a legal agreement with the help of a lawyer is very important. This will help you to breakdown complex jargon for your ease and understanding.

One of the hindrances associated with this is the cost of hiring an attorney, but the benefits may outweigh the cost. In fact, an experienced real estate lawyer will be in a position to hint out any potential problems including paperwork. It may actually be a legal requirement to engage a lawyer in some jurisdictions.

Make a Thorough Check on the Property

You must carefully take care of arising liabilities. Quite often, people forget to countercheck important details that cause problems in the long run. Pest inspect is quite often an overlooked element of property purchase but it is substantially important. It involves having your property checked for destructive pests such as termites or carpenter ants. These are just examples of highly destructive organisms that may be found within the property.


The deal is never done until both parties are content with the price. In most cases, this is a process that involves several engagements over a period of time. At the same time, property sellers announce a price that is substantially negotiable, and you may finally find that a discount on your account is all you needed to hit your price.

This process also helps you to compare the prices of properties within the same region and settle on a friendly price.


One of the critical questions that property owners ask themselves is why the property is on sale in the first place. This helps you to investigate critically cases where the seller is simply ridding themselves of some trouble. It also helps you to place a cost and negotiate appropriately.

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