Top Reasons Small Businesses Need to use Web Analytics

Top Reasons Small Businesses Need to use Web Analytics

Regardless of its size, every business is now aware of one important fact; their customers are online and if they want to reach out to them, that’s where they need to be. These days, the focus is more on what kind of experience you provide to your customers online. Therefore, small businesses in particular, make a lot of effort and invest considerable resources to ensure they are creating a positive environment for their clientele. You are giving it a lot of attention, time and money, but is it working? How do you figure that out? This is where web analytics come in.

The purpose of web analytics is to provide you with direct insight into how your website is performing and what your customers are saying about your business and its offerings. This data can be immensely useful for a business because you can use it for deciding what is working and where you need to make improvements. Nowadays, you can find tools such as that you can use for automating web analytics, which can save you a lot of hassle and effort. Yet, businesses still remain unsure of whether to use these analytics or not.

If you are unable to make up your mind, here are the top reasons why small businesses should use web analytics:

Reason 1: Keyword insight

Most small businesses are under the impression that because they have a smaller operation, they are closer to the customers. They believe they know what keywords and phrases are driving people to their website, but these are just hunches and beliefs. If you want proof, you can only get it through analytics because they can tell you exactly what keyword led people to your website. In fact, analytics can tell exactly how many people searched for your keyword, how long they stayed on your website when they visited and whether they were new or returning visitors.

Reason 2: Customer insight

The keyword insight helps you understand what your clients are looking for. You can now understand who your customers are, how they act, how they segment and use the keywords and how you are segmenting them. This information can be used to make changes that will appeal to your customers in the long run and help in providing them with a better experience.

Reason 3: Page quality

Web analytics also include page analytics and these give you information about how your website is helping people meet their needs. You can also know if people are coming to your website and then just leaving. A business can know what pages are sending leads into the funnel for conversion and which ones are driving them away. The information gleaned from the web analytics can be used to optimize the performance of your pages.

These are some excellent reasons for a small business to consider using web analytics. It will empower them to be more competitive in the market by providing a more comprehensive and enjoyable experience to their target audience.

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