Why Your Industrial Tools And Machinery Aren’t Working

Why Your Industrial Tools And Machinery Aren’t Working

Industrial machine and tool failure means delay in manufacturing, production, transportation, sales and eventually loss of money and resources. Industrial tools and machinery is what production works on and it’s extremely important for machinery to work well so that there is no delay in any of the processes and you can continue to make money and profits. However, if your machinery fails or breaks down then everything goes topsy turvy and all you can think about is how to get your machine up and running again.

There could be many reasons why your machinery or industrial tools break down again and again. Here are some of the common reasons which could be behind the machine’s dysfunction.

1.Irregular Maintenance

Not getting your industrial machinery and tools regularly serviced and maintained can cause it to stop working and break down. There should be regular maintenance and servicing of the machinery and this should include inspection, testing, upkeep, repair, replacement of parts, lubrication, cleaning, measurement etc. No machinery can function properly for a long time without getting some minor servicing and maintenance done. If you aren’t getting your machine regularly serviced then it’s just a matter of time before it gives up on you.

2. Corrosion

Corrosion is another common cause of machinery breaking down and failing. If your machinery is exposed to water, then it’s exposed to corrosion and that could cause your machinery to break down. You have to be careful with your machines and ensure that they are not exposed to water and don’t have too much water, too often splashing on them. It can cause the oil to oxidise quickly, leading to parts getting opened in an acidic environment.

3. Electrical Connections

You must ensure that whenever your machine is connected to electricity, the connections should be tight and proper. One thing that people quite often forget to do with electronically operated machinery, is clean out dust and dirt from the connectors. Consider it a part of the machine maintenance. Use compressed air, not water, to clean dirt, dust and other particles from the connectors and plugs.

4. Expecting Overperformance From Machines

Expecting and pushing your machinery to work at the maximum speed or performance can strain the machines or tools and cause it to die down. Don’t expect machinery and tools to do more than what they’re supposed to and designed for. Go easy on them and use them on an average level.

5. Accidents

Of course, accidents can happen anywhere and with anyone, with machines as well. However, accidents can cause some really bad damage to machinery and tools. Improper handling of machines, dropping them, scratching them etc. can cause internal damage to the machine which can stop it from functioning well.

If you think that all the other causes don’t seem to apply to your defective machine, then call a tool repair company in Birmingham.

6. Defective Machines

In rare, yet very much possible cases, the machinery and tools are defective from the time of purchase. This could either be a manufacturing defect or could be an accident on the seller’s part. If you think that you’re doing everything else right and still there’s something off with the machinery, you can get it checked by the company and ask for a replacement.


Taking care of your industrial machinery and tools is very important if you want them to last longer and work well. They are also an expensive investment so it’s all the more important to ensure that they work longer and help you make lots of profits.

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