10 Gadgets That Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2019

10 Gadgets that every Entrepreneur needs in 2019

Competition has growth quite stiff for entrepreneur these days. Amidst the intense competition, everyone has to make sure that they put their best foot forwards and remain up to date with all the latest ideas. Technology has taken over the world by storm, and no industry has escaped from its effects. Thus, it is vital for entrepreneurs as well to be well aware of the latest technology. This will allow them to use technological advancement to its full potential and take their business to the next level. (Best Gaming Laptops under 500)

The life of entrepreneurs is a flurry of hectic meetings, trips to other countries and impossible deadlines. Things can get quite chaotic. With the right gadget, one can ensure that he is able to handle the stress in a better manner. A lot of gadgets these days are designed keeping the needs of entrepreneurs in mind. The two most valuable commodities for any entrepreneur are time and space. The gadgets can make sure that their life is less hectic and a lot more feasible.

Let’s discuss some of the gadgets that will prove to be of valuable assistance to every entrepreneur in 2019.


A foldable phone is an incredible gadget. Many would not have considered this a possibility a couple of years back that one would have access to a smartphone that can be folded to provide portability and convenience,

Introduced by a Chinese company, Royale Corporation, foldable smartphones are indeed the future. It is often confusing for an entrepreneur to decide whether he should opt for a smartphone or a tablet. The tablet makes his work easier while a smartphone is convenient to carry at all times. This is where FLEXPAI will prove to be just the thing that you need.

Owing to a flexible screen, it offers you a high-definition tablet with a large screen size that can be folded to form a portable smartphone. Entrepreneurs will undoubtedly find this gadget to be of immense value.


Smartpens can do much more than just scribble on screens. They have been subjected to a lot of upgrading, and you can now use the gadgets to record everything you write on the connected device. Some also have the features of audio and video recording.

For entrepreneurs, who do not like the idea of carrying papers or notebooks with them, this can be of great help.

Ovis, carry – on suitcase

Travelling is a vital part of every entrepreneur. It is quite common to have back-to-back meetings in different cities which can get tedious at times. Ovis, which is the first suitcase powered by AI can make things a tad bit easier.

Introduced by ForwardX, a Chinese Robotics company, this suitcase will be a helpful companion in your travels. It is designed to follow you by your side automatically. Thus, your hands are free, and the stress of carrying your suitcase everywhere is taken off your shoulders.

You can either work on something else or simply relax as your suitcase walks by your side. Algorithms have been used to ensure that the suitcase remains at your side all the time. Thus, you do not have to look over to make sure that your luggage is safe frequently.

Kodak zi8 camera

Often, you want to film your meetings or interviews so that you do not miss out on any details later. This handheld HD Kodak zi8 video camera can be just the thing that you need.

You can use this camera to capture just about everything, whether it is presentations or any event in the office. The camera has a resolution of 1080p and offers a recording time of about 10 hours. Thus, you can easily use it to capture a work trip or office event among other things.

This is the perfect gadget for those entrepreneurs who have to make video presentations or frequently need to record some pivotal business moments.

Internet hotspot

Getting wireless internet free of cost is not really difficult in public places. Another option is to use mobile data. However, the internet speed might not be satisfactory. If you have to get some urgent work done, this slow speed can be quite frustrating.

Perhaps you need to check new content or send large emails. Transferring large files might also be problematic. If you have a portable wireless internet device with you, internet speed will never be a problem. You can get your work done using the device without having to worry about the internet speed with ease.

Visioneer RoadWarrior Scanner

This is another must-have gadget for those entrepreneurs who have to travel frequently. This gadget allows you to scan all the expense receipts you had on your trip. You can then upload them to the server at work using the Visioneer RoadWarrior scanner. Thus, you can be sure that you will get your expenses on time when you are on a business trip.

Often it happens that while you are on a trip, the office requires your signatures on an important document. You can use this gadget to pass the paper on even while you are on the go.

This useful device weighs merely 11 ounces. Thus, you can keep it with you on trips with ease. Scans are done with a resolution of up to 600 dpi. You can charge it in any USB port conveniently.

The portable wallet

Portable wallets are rapidly gaining popularity as they offer convenience and security of your valuables. You can integrate all your credit cards and accounts into a device using these wallets.

Once they are integrated, you will merely need to swipe or touch the wallet to make your payments. Thus, there is no reason to worry about forgetting to carry the card with you or it being stolen. If you are tired with having to keep a check on your cards all the time, this wallet will prove to be just the thing you need.


This is another cool gadget that entrepreneurs will find highly useful. Developed by Nreal, a Beijing based company, these light mixed reality glasses offer you an incredible experience.

Using these glasses, you can achieve realistic interactions between the real world and digital avatars. Two onboard cameras power the gadget. Offering a 52-degree field of view, the glasses have the feature of 1080p resolution along with vivid 3D graphics. Thus, you can acquire an unbelievable mixed reality experience with this gadget.

Portable printer

Consider a scenario wherein you are out on a meeting, and you suddenly realize that you need the print of an important document. However, you are unable to find a printing shop nearby. This can put you in a fix.

However, if you use the right technology, you will not have to face this problem ever. Portable printers can be carried with you at all times. All that you need is a wireless connection and a compatible device, and you can print documents irrespective of where you are.

Holo Lens

This can easily be counted among the most exciting gadgets for entrepreneurs. If you want to have your imagination right in front of you, this is something you will find worth your money. Holo Lens by Microsoft is basically a self-contained computer. It allows you to interact with rich holograms. Thus, you can unleash your creativity and plan accordingly to improve your products.

The gadget also helps in analyzing any potential problems that the product might have before you even create it.

Final words

There is no shortage of gadgets that entrepreneurs can use to make their lives easy. All the gadgets are designed to offer convenience to the users.

Walking with the changing trends of time is vital if you do not want to lag. Therefore, use these gadgets to your benefit and take your business to greater heights.

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