9 Reasons Your Business Needs an API Integration Platform

9 Reasons Your Business Needs an API Integration Platform

There’s no industry in the world that’s bigger than tech. As a matter of fact, the tech industry’s 3 biggest players are worth 3 trillion dollars combined which is a lot more than some other large industries are as a whole.

One of the reasons why tech has exploded so rapidly has been thanks to an often forgotten hero called the API.

API stands for application programming interface. It’s basically the engine that enables the connectivity of the internet.

Chances are if your business uses applications that are integrated, you’re using API’s right now. What a lot of businesses don’t know though is that, with the help of an API integration platform, they can take all of their internal and external software integrations to incredible new heights.

Here are some reasons why an API integration platform can revolutionize the way your business works.

1. Good APIs Have Made Some of the Biggest Companies in the World

Companies like Google and Facebook started off as simple aggregators of information. That information was pulled into their applications through sophisticated APIs that turned raw external data into user-friendly information.

If leveraging APIs to their fullest worked for the multi-billion dollar companies that we’ve just mentioned, think about what upgrading your APIs via an API integration platform can do for you.

2. Cloud App Adoption Will Be a Lot Simpler

Does your company use cloud apps? We’re willing to bet that you’re at least using tools like Microsoft 365 and Google Drive.

What if accessing your files in those programs and across the many other SaaS services you use could be made simpler? We’re talking about having all of your favorite tool’s features housed under one roof.

Does that sound like something that your team might value as it continues growing?

We’re willing to bet that the answer to that question is “Yes!”. An API integration platform can help you achieve that end.

3. Enable Your Team to Cherry Pick Solutions

Chances are that your teams do a lot of different things. In order to manage their various tasks, you may have them subscribed to a single service that claims to be a “jack of all trades”.

What if it was possible to decentralize your software needs though? For example, if your accounting team loves one program’s ability to estimate taxes but another’s ability to create reports, what if you had an API that could pull in the best features from both programs into a single environment?

API’s enable you to do exactly that which could boost your team’s effectiveness big-time!

4. API Integration Platforms Allow You to Modernize Old Data

If you have legacy software that you access for data records, an API integration platform can allow you to funnel that data into newer programs easily.

No more clicking back and forth between programs and no more wasted time.

5. API Integration Platforms Scale With You

Today, you might need a single custom API to help you pull in data from a particular source. Tomorrow you might need another one. The next day, you might need one more…

See where we’re going with this?

API integration platforms let you easily create new APIs that keep up with your businesses ever-evolving needs.

6. When You Work With the Right Platform, You Get Great Consultants

When you invest in an API platform, you’re not only investing in the platform itself but also the people behind it.

With the world becoming incredibly tech-focused, you’ll be glad to be working with a team of tech experts that not only provide you with awesome tools but are ready to give you the tech-support guidance you need to use those tools.

7. Integrated Platforms Stay Ahead of the Curve

Technology is constantly evolving and so are API protocols. If you hire a developer to build you an API, you’re going to find that the API will quickly become outdated and that you’ll need to re-hire somebody to update it.

That’s why platforms are a much better long-term solution.

Integrated platforms are constantly being updated so that APIs developed under their hood are sure to work per today’s best practices.

8. Productivity Becomes Streamlined

Time is money and how productive your team members are can have a huge impact on the amount of time that they spend doing things. Integrated API platforms are laser-focused on helping your team find tech-backed solutions to their daily problems.

If you ever find yourself saying “What if we could do this instead?” while trudging through a cumbersome workflow, API integration platforms are for you.

9. API Integration Platforms are Easy to Demo

Not sure what an API integration platform can bring to your operation? The truth is that you don’t have to be to try them out!

You can find out more about companies that will demo their technology for you and during that demo, you can have them talk you through how they see APIs improving your workflows.

Wrapping up Reasons Your Business Needs an API Integration Platform

An API integration platform has the ability to super-power your business with today’s latest and greatest technology.

To be successful in today’s tech landscape, it’s not about working hard. It’s about working smart.

API integration platforms have the power to help you do exactly that!

The world of business and tech is always changing and our team is committed to staying on top of things as they shift. To stay abreast on what’s new and relevant to you, check out more content on MENAEntprenuer today!

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