A Sight to Behold: 5 Most Iconic Bars and Restaurants in London

A Sight to Behold: 5 Most Iconic Bars and Restaurants in London

London, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a host to some of the best and most iconic restaurants across the globe, ranging from bars in toilets and speakeasy holes to the rooftop palaces. Some of these restaurants and bars are weird but quite exciting. Whether it’s the fire-spitting bartenders, the soothing or immersive experiences, or just the outrageous nature of the bars – you are definitely spoiled for choice in London. Here is a list of the most iconic bars and restaurants in the city of London.

1. Tonteria Club Guestlist & Tables

This is an exclusive Mexican-themed club that is situated close to Sloane Square station. Whenever you feel like dancing the night away, do not rush the urge. Remain seated because as soon as the DJ shows up in the evening, you will hear the volume of music increasing and the lights dimming as the club turns into a fun night spot. Tonteria guestlist entry is guaranteed to anyone looking to enjoy their night and those bold enough the dance the entire night away. This establishment prides itself on theatrical entertainment, so be on the lookout for Tonte performers who could entice you to make some moves. Also, watch out for the toy train on the ceiling which usually delivers orders to their respective tables.

2. The Botanist Broadgate

One aspect that makes this restaurant iconic is its ability to produce a mixture of modern British and European cuisine. Due to its forward-thinking menus and unique style, the Botanist Broadgate remains a trendy restaurant among the restaurant bars in London. You can visit the restaurant for a brunch, lunch, or even dinner and you will not be disappointed with what you get.

3. Oriole

Situated in London, Oriole is a sumptuous restaurant of exotic design and social influence. You can visit Oriole for luscious cocktails containing tastes and flavors from various parts of the world. You can also plan for a night out at this restaurant as it offers cocktail drinks of different kinds. There is so much you can enjoy at the Oriole, so just come prepared for an excellent night out.

4. Dandelyan

Dandelyan is associated with a long list of accolades which includes the best bar in the world. Such a reputation is not just obtained overnight. Dandelyan is well-known for its unique drinks and delicious cocktail list. Nestled in the inner section of the Sea Containers hotel, Dandelyan, offers some of the best amenities from good music to comfortable seats from Tom Dixon furniture allow you to continue enjoying yourself even late at night. Here, you can also expect the unorthodox and delicious drinks as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the River Thames.

5. The Mandrake

This is the capital’s hottest hangout. The Mandrake is the place you want to be when you want a taste of the good life. With a back room and an outside courtyard, you definitely have so much to choose between relaxations and good music when the DJ finally comes to play after 9 pm.

Final Word

The above are five of the most iconic bars and restaurants in London. If you are a guest in town, make sure you find your way into one of these establishments and enjoy an excellent choice of cocktail and good music.

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