How to Make your Digital Marketing Strategy Less Robotic and More Human

How to Make your Digital Marketing Strategy Less Robotic and More Human

Technology has complicated marketing for certain, but it’s also giving the field a lot of new directions to venture down. Companies are struggling to find a balance between humanizing their digital marketing efforts, while also taking advantage of technological advancements. Here are some ways to use technology, while also not seeming like a complete robot in the process.

Contract or hire a chatbot specialist

Chatbots are great for automating your site and sales process, and your company should definitely use to interact with potential clients, customers, and audiences. But keep in mind that there is the potential issue of letting it become too robotic and unattached.

You can escape this problem by hiring a chatbot content specialist. This person can spend their time finding the best ways to connect through chatbot copywriting. They can allocate time testing copy and looking for new ways to personalize the user experience.

Don’t make the mistake of throwing a chatbot on your site and leaving it there to auto-generate the same responses for months. There are a lot of opportunities for copy with a chatbot that can be personalized.

Use SEO strategies

SEO is a technical marketing strategy you can use to get your content in front of the people who are looking for it. Imagine being able to get your website to rank at the top of Google without the effort being obvious to your viewers. SEO is an efficient way to utilize marketing strategies to get your website in front of the right people.

Having great blog content that you can get to rank highly for keywords is one SEO strategy you want to capitalize on. The first step is having compelling, relevant blog content that Google searchers will want to read more into. Once you have some great blog content, hire a company like Link Graph to do some keyword research. Once you have some keywords in place that you can rank for, optimize for them on your blog web pages.

Having a great blog is a great excuse to promote yourself on social media and connect with other companies and people in your industry. You can use the blog as a Q&A so that people can get to know your team better. Then, with the right SEO behind the blog posts, you can’t go wrong.

Make use of webinars

Webinars work well, because it’s just like hosting an event with minimal costs and less of a commitment from attendees. Webinars are also a great way to market your company, bring some value to consumers, and gain insight into who is tuning into your content.

The first step to creating a webinar is picking a topic. Webinars that include interviews with industry experts always perform well. Get people to attend your webinar by promoting it through social media ads, your emails lists, and on your website. When the webinar happens, make sure to take a live recording so that you can promote an on-demand webinar when it’s complete.

This is a piece of content that people can keep interacting with thanks to technology. The hassle and budget of planning an event is cut in half, especially without having to worry about RSVPs. If it performs well, start planning your next webinar.

These are all great marketing tricks to connecting with your audience in a non-robotic, but still smart way. Put these strategies into action if you want to combine human interaction with the digital techniques out there.

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