How to Measure Link Quality for SEO

How to Measure Link Quality for SEO

Links are always imperative to your website. They give a strong impact on your performance. They can be worse or good both.

Link building gives your website a competitive boost. According to webmasters and SEO in 2011, huge links were purchase to push websites and better their performance on the search engine.

The research of 2012 shows more than 60% of companies has done external link buildings. Top brands, small businesses, and bloggers also into link building for promotion.

Therefore, it’s very crucial to understand which link is good and bad for your website. You know that the good link can transform your website performance to the next level whereas a bad one can deliver worse impact and you have to go through its bad consequences for a long time.

Backlinks are important, but how to check they’re good or worse for a website is also crucial to understand.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some methods that could be good and work positively to improve your website SEO.

Apart from it, whatever the method you’re using for link measure there are few things you need to keep in mind before getting started.

The first is you have to make sure link is good in quality and have the power to drive traffic to your website. It’s also crucial to understand from which place you’re taking links for improving your performance because there are few sites might be risky and you should avoid them such as:

  • The website that inept for your website niche
  • Websites linked to the spammy niche
  • A website which has less audience
  • Website for web crawlers

As soon as you got to know about your links information you can better website performance. You must remove links which you got from above-listed websites. They’re just cossetting website rank and performance.

Removing these types of links can be good for your website; hence you can enjoy the biggest boost.

Still, the question is how you can check the authority of link? To avoid such issues following are the ways:

1. The link must be relevant

It is the top method to measure link quality. If you’re choosing the link that irrelevant to your website so, how would you think it would be beneficial?

For example, your website is for housing interior and you’re getting backlinks from a food website. Is that good?

Not at all!

Your website needs relevant backlinks such as house remodeling and kind of that. In short, you make sure you’re getting links that engage more audience to your website.

To check out link relevancy must check they have the following point:

  • Domain to Domain
  • Domain to page
  • Page to page
  • Link to page

For link relevance backlink must be satisfied above one relevancy so you can enjoy the huge profits for a long time.

One advice: if your website has no enough topics to reach audience then accept guest posts this can be useful to create good links.

2. Is link convert traffic to your website?

Okay. You’re taking link but please judge is this good and has potential to convert traffic for your website?

It is about getting traffic and you know that agenda to backlinks to promote the page and improving SEO, right?

Hence, you need to check out before using link is that useful or not? If you have found this might convert traffic to your website you can go ahead.

3. Links are from trustworthy website only

It’s very important that you’re getting backlinks from a trustworthy website, not spam. According to Google, lots of website thrown back only when they do not have trusted backlinks.

Your webpage needs to rank higher. How?

Accept those links which are trusted such as Wikipedia is trustworthy page.

Google trust your website only if you’re connected with trusted one otherwise it gives a bad impact on your website SEO.

The highly trusted sites such as .govs, .edus, CNN, and more. You can use links form these trusted seed sites.

4. Links directly go with content

For high traffic and good links, you have to work hard on natural content that goes perfectly with a link.

With high-quality content it’s important you don’t have spammy link otherwise it spoils your whole content image and worse SEO.

If you’re talking about SEO Company you need to add links that go relevant to your content. Suppose you’re writing content for best SEO companies, here you can add company name as ADEL SEO in Brisbane or whatever the name is.

You can’t add here to a different company which is talking about clothes.

The point is to add relevant website link or keywords to your content that create an audience.

5. Worth of links

Link is about creating an impact on the audience and giving them what they’re looking for. These links are known as good links. Before choosing links to make sure your link satisfied following things:

  • Would people open it?
  • Would it provide what people are looking for?
  • Would it give them useful information?
  • Would it relevant for the audience

If the link satisfied above requirements and other questions is your mind on behalf of the audience then link said to be very useful and impactful. This increases website SEO for sure.


It is important to note-down, link satisfied all those things what the audience needs. You have to work hard on picking strong keywords, content, and links that reward you greatly.

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