Investing in Technology Protection Plan is Worth

Investing in Technology Protection Plan is Worth

Nearly, every one of you is known about Insurance, warranties or protection plans. People go through advertisements regarding life insurances or product insurances. A lot of individuals think that insurance or warranties for the device like mobiles, laptop and tablet are waste of money and believe that these gadgets do not require any insurance. Whereas others who consider their device, like laptops, to be important to them, generally purchase the coverage plans on the first day they buy the laptop.

However, insurance should not be viewed as something that implies a really costly purchase but should be viewed as a protection of one’s belonging.

For the owners of a small technology business; protecting mobile, laptops, tablets, etc. is not a luxury but a necessity. But finding the right protection plan can be confusing. Therefore, there exists a Technology Protection Plan. It is a type of plan that offers protection on devices like Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets altogether. Let us take a look at each of the plans:

Mobile protection plan

The importance of mobile protection is becoming increasingly popular in present days. The cell phones of the customers are always at a risk factor of cell phone damage or theft. The handset also involves risks like liquid damage. Many cell phones carry the cell phone deals besides the constrained warranty.

With the loss or theft of the phone, the phone owners have also deprived of the service contract deals as well as the product warranty. Thus, to lower the financial hassles of the mobile phone owners due to any risks, the individual should go for a suitable third party cell phone protection plan for your devices.

Moreover, the plan covers liquid damage, cracked screen damage, touch screen malfunctions, battery failure, home button failure, headphone jack failure, and many more.

Tablet protection plan

Do you require a tablet protection plan? Whether it is an IPad or a new Samsung Galaxy that you have recently purchased, you certainly would not wish your tablet to meet sudden damage without protection that the technology protection plan can provide.

When going with a tablet protection/insurance, you need to assure and keep several things in mind to get the most value for your dollars. Many are obvious such as cost and damages type covered while others you will not think about but are none the less important. After all, getting your tablet secured is worth with the protection plans.

Laptop protection plan

Along with a mobile phone, a laptop is a common device that most usually people carry along with them while traveling. Incidents are bound to happen at many a time. Therefore, laptop insurance or protection plan deals from the basic repair of the device to the entire replacement of the laptop. Hence, insuring it is a requirement to protect you from such events.

A laptop seems to be portable and is a really fragile gadget. Therefore, people need to understand that insurance is a vital part of such a commodity. Repairing a laptop is really too expensive and certain parts of the laptop are costlier. So, why not take an advantage of getting a protection plan in case of an accident/ damage to the laptop?

Well, the above 3 devices are covered under one Technology Protection plan.

In general, the Technology Protection Plan will release the customer from having to pay for loss or damage for the following reasons:

  • Damages from normal use and accidents.
  • Loss or damages from theft (an official copy of a police report is mandatory).
  • Loss or damages from a fire. (an official fire report from the investigating authority is needed).
  • Loss or damages from the natural disaster.
  • Damages resulting from a power surge.


  • Intentional damage
  • Not carrying the device in a protective case.
  • Negligence
  • Loss or damages due to fraudulent, intentional, or criminal acts.

Some of The Most Important Features of Technology Protection plan are:

1. Technology Protection plan/insurance can spare you a great deal of cash. Many people commit a similar mistake that protection plan is only for expensive products. In times when you don’t have money and have a harmed laptop, what do you do? The answer is simple, opt for the protection plan you have one.

2. Laptop protection is vital. Another reason behind why protection plan should be purchased is, the warranty does not cover overall damages of a laptop; there are exceptions. However, the protection plan covers everything. Most laptop users drop their device. This is when insurance will save you the cash to repair your device.

3. A technology protection plan is broadly accessible and is inexpensive. Previously, technology protection was something unusual, but today, as individuals are getting increasingly more aware of the significance of technology protection plans, there are plenty of third-party companies that provide this plan.


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