R4 3DS Or 3DS XL Comparison: Flashcard For Hacking Nintendo 3DS?

R4 3DS Or 3DS XL Comparison: Flashcard For Hacking Nintendo 3DS?

Here in this post, we have added some great details and secrets about R4 3DS or 3DS R4 cards, for hacking your Nintendo 3DS (XL) consoles in any time. This will help you play free games. You should not miss to buy R4 3DS whenever you get a chance to buy it cheap.

R4 3DS or 3DS R4

R4 3DS or 3DS R4, it’s a group of cheap flash cartridge which comes from various R4 teams but with many similar functions or features. In short, the R4 3ds card or 3ds R4 card, they are the flashcards with R4 name and working on Nintendo 3ds firmware consoles.

These R4 or R4i card with 3DS title as well, because they can support on Nintendo 3DS handhelds. Never mean it they are play Nintendo 3DS Games! This is the Biggest Misunderstanding people think about the R4 3DS. So I wanna you know here.

R4 3ds works on 3DS Firmware consoles, means it can work on not only 3DS, but includes the 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL, NEW 2DS XL machines. All of these gaming devices are using the same OS, we call it 3DS Firmware or 3DS System.

The popular 2019 3DS R4 are these flash cards, they can work on the latest 3DS firmware 11.9.0-42, they play the Nintendo DS games, also support the DS homebrews:

  • R4i 3ds gold plus
  • R4i 3ds rts sdhc
  • R4i 3ds gold pro
  • R4i 3ds dual core
  • R4i 3ds rts lite
  • R4i 3ds gold eu
  • R4i 3ds b9s

R4 3DS hacks Nintendo 3DS

R4 3ds hacks the Nintendo 3DS firmware, but it can’t hack 3DS Games. But the R4 3DS has other powerful functions!!! When you choose to buy a 3DS R4 and set it up on the 3DS or 3DS XL handheld, you can do all of these things on your console.

  • Plays Thousands of Free DS, DSI games and apps and homebrew files with ease.
  • Download and play thousands of free homebrew games
  • Lets you use emulators to play classic games from the NES, C64, Super NES/Famicom, Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis, Atari ST, Atari 2600, TG16 and countless other old computers and classic video game systems.
  • Built-in REAL TIME SAVE – Save your spot in any game, any time, without the need to wait. Then when you’re ready to continue, just load your Real-time save file, and you will continue your game from the exact spot you left off!
  • Fully featured and automatically upgraded cheat code function allowing you to download and use the latest and greatest cheat codes.
  • Fully compatible with the .dat cheat code format. You can quickly and easily download entire libraries of cheat codes for any of the games you play.
  • Use apps for Facebook, Twitter, Internet Browsing
  • Turn your 3DS into your own personal digital organizer
  • Read Ebooks
  • Listen to Mp3 Music
  • Watch movies and videos
  • Make your own Animated short movies with freeware applications

Best flashcard to buy to Crack the 3DS or 3DS XL?

In terms of price and performances, the answer is Yes, the 3DS R4 or R4 3DS is the best option for cracking the Nintendo 3ds system. These flashcarts usually are very cheap, price is from the lowest $14 to the highest $20, the cost is even cheaper than a Nintendo DS game card, but the R4 3DS plays over 1000+ DS games on your console. Moreover, 3DS R4 is released and used by Global customers for nearly 5 years, no Brick or Damage to your console, people are just enjoying it.

Plus, from the 2018, with the releasing of NTRboothax, we can use the R4 3DS cards to install B9S/CFW on Nintendo 3DS. Then once CFW installed, we can put and play .cia 3DS roms on the 3DS or 3DS XL consoles. So, even we only have the 3DS R4 card, we still can find a way to play free 3DS Games. No reason for not buying R4 3DS since 2018!!!

The best R4 3DS card is R4I GOLD 3DS PLUS, you can find in many flashcard shops online, such as NXmodificar.com for Spain and Italiamods.com for Italy.

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