Should You Still Be Using Overhead Projections in Your Business?

Should You Still Be Using Overhead Projections in Your Business?

Businesses often purchase the latest technology, never stopping to think that the tried-and-true methods remain available for a reason. For example, a company might choose to replace their overhead projector with a newer item and dispose of the projector when doing so. However, there are numerous ways a device of this type can be of benefit to a business and following are a few of the advantages of owning this item.


An overhead projector makes use of clear transparency film and this film might be used for a variety of purposes. In fact, a person may print on the film using an everyday color printer with ease and different sheets can be overlaid to create an image. This is of great help when a complex process must be explained, as each sheet can demonstrate one portion of the process and the next sheet laid on top of it. This allows viewers to see how each step contributes to the finished product, giving them a better understanding of why each is required to produce the desired result.

Low Cost

One major benefit of obtaining an overhead project is the low cost to purchase the device and supplies. This extends over the lifetime of the unit and can save the owner as much as 50 per cent when compared to the cost of owning and operating an LCD-based device. The only drawback is an overhead projector isn’t capable of handling computer projections of A/V content. However, a business may be able to rent one of these devices when needed as opposed to buying one and make use of the overhead projector for the rest of the time.

Additional Material

During a presentation, a question could arise that needs to be addressed. The overhead projector is of great help in ensuring the desired information is shared with the audience, as the film can be written on while in the machine. All that is required to do so is a grease or wax pencil and the annotations can be wiped away before the next presentation. In addition, any area of the film that is covered while on the machine will not be projected onto the screen, allowing the presenter to share information as he or she desires or when it is pertinent to the discussion.


Imagine starting a presentation only to learn the device being used has failed due to a software issue or the failure of a crucial component. This is never an issue when an overhead projector is used, as the only moving part found in this device is a cooling fan. In the event a breakdown does occur, it’s easy to diagnose and typically simple to repair.

Furthermore, an overhead projector can be used by almost anyone. Extensive training isn’t needed, as being shown once how to operate the machine is enough for most people to grasp the concept fully. In addition, machines of this type function similarly, thus training won’t be required when a new device is purchased.

Any business contemplating disposing of an overhead projector and not purchasing a replacement device should think twice. These devices remain of great help in many situations and help keep presentation costs down. For those businesses that don’t have a unit of this kind, it may be time to obtain one. They are very helpful and the benefits far outweigh the cost.

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