Vidtastic! Your Quick Guide to Small Business Video Marketing

Vidtastic! Your Quick Guide to Small Business Video Marketing

Did you know that video is now poised to drive 80 percent of global consumer internet traffic? Or that 55 percent of people watch digital videos every day?

If you’re a business owner or a marketer, it’s clear video content is quickly becoming the most-preferred content format among consumers. And as a general rule of thumb, you have to give consumers what they want!

If you’re already using video content in your digital marketing strategy, thumbs up. And if you’re just getting started, there’s a lot of learning to do.

Here’s a quick guide to small business video marketing.

Understand Your Audience/Market

Effective video marketing requires tact; otherwise, you’ll end up with a ton of footage that’s not adding any value to your business.

This is why the first step is to map out and understand your target audience. These are the people who will be consuming your video content.

Do extensive research and identify their video consumption habits. This is crucial because various population groups consume video differently. For instance, boomers love to watch videos on televisions and computers while the younger generations predominantly watch video on their smartphones.

So, if your business targets millennials, you’ll know that your videos need to be optimized for mobile, and the content has to be appealing.

Video Quality Matters

At a time when smartphones have powerful cameras, anyone can be forgiven for passing off as a photographer or videographer.

However, shooting quality videos takes much more than having a powerful camera in your hands. If you’ve no experience as a videographer, don’t try making videos for your small business on your own.

Sure, you could be operating on a shoestring budget, but the stakes are higher when it comes to marketing videos. Most internet users are impatient people with declining attention spans. If your videos don’t measure up, they won’t hesitate to click away.

As such, it pays to invest in a video marketing service. These professionals know what it takes to create digital videos that entertain, inform, and stir up engagement.

Choose Your Video Distribution Platforms Wisely

After creating and editing a video, you need to share it with your audience. But where will you post it?

Although most small business owners post most of their video content on their websites and social media pages, this isn’t necessarily the right approach. You need to consider your audience.

If your business caters to baby boomers, for example, you have no business posting your videos on Twitter or Instagram. Most boomers don’t use these platforms. YouTube is their #1 destination for digital video content.

In addition to reaching your audience, YouTube offers other benefits. For instance, a client can easily convert a video on YouTube to mp3 – perhaps with the intention of playing it on their car stereos.

Small Business Video Marketing Can Take You to the Next Level

Competition for customers among small business is fierce. As an owner, adopting a small business video marketing strategy can help you stand out from the crowd and get a larger share of the customer base.

What’s more, you now have a couple of tips to help you craft a solid video strategy. Put them to use and watch your business grow to the next level.

Happy shooting, and be sure to keep tabs on our blog for more marketing insights.

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