What’s in a Name? 9 Reasons for Using Employee Name Badges

What's in a Name? 9 Reasons for Using Employee Name Badges

Ever heard a disgruntled customer shouting “whose job is it to talk to me?” Such remarks are common in businesses where employees don’t wear nametags. Customers tend to get frustrated when they can’t gain the attention of a staff that can help them.

You’d be surprised to learn the contribution of employee name badges towards the growth and success of your company. Not only do they boost employee’s reliability, but also they bring an air of professionalism.

Read on below to get the lowdown on the reasons to use employee name badges.

1. Boosts Employee Reliability

Do you know what time your employees arrive to work and leave for home? How long do their breaks take? Using a nametag, the security team can monitor the employee’s arrival time and find out which workers are able to respect the work schedule.

Nametags are especially important in workplaces where staff don’t punch a time clock and may try to exploit the system since they feel there aren’t being monitored.

Employee name badges act as a constant reminder to your staff that they are under the company’s radar. Employees take on the company’s persona and that means they will strictly observe its core values and procedures.

2. For Emergency Purposes

Do all your employees know each other by names? Even in a small company, it’s possible that some employees may not be in a position to tell the names of their colleagues. If an emergency arises and you need to ensure everyone is safe, the presence of name badges makes it easier to identify employees.

As part of the name badge policy, ask your staff to wear their tags in places people can easily read.

3. Makes Employees Feel Comfortable

Do you know one of the most intimidating things about being the newest member of a team? Is that you don’t know nearly everyone’s name. If a new employee is assigned to a training session with an instructor they don’t know, then nametags can make the adjustments easier.

With all employees wearing their name tags, a new employee has a chance to learn the names of their colleagues easily and also differentiate colleagues from visitors.

4. Improves Employees’ Safety

A nametag offers workplace safety in a number of ways. These name badges prevent visitors from accessing your facility unauthorized. The visitors have to first check in to the reception desk, and they will be offered a visitor’s badge or accompanied by an employee to their destination.

Have you heard cases of employees who were terminated or quit but still insist on visiting their former employer’s facility? Some former employees pose a security risk.

With a nametag system, employees that are terminated or quit must turn in their name badges before leaving the facility. This prevents displeased employees from gaining access to the facility.

5. Corporate Branding Purposes

Corporate branding is a growing trend and you should use any opportunity to promote your brand. By adding your business logo to a name badge, every employee will be identified easily and quickly.

Your employees’ nametags should also feature the colors associated with your brand. This stretches your branding efforts by acting as another venue where your brand appears. This is a means of making your business easily recognizable by potential customers.

While employees typically use nametags when they’re only within the facility, sometimes they step out for lunch or go home while still wearing the badge. This way, a company brand will be advertised to other members of the public.
Your employees become your brand ambassadors. Nametags give them an opportunity to walk the talk.

6. Acts as a Conversation Starter

Name badges are a great way for customers to start a conversation with your volunteers or employees. Nametags let the client know exactly whom they’re working with from the start.

If a customer requires assistance, they know where to direct their question. If an employee doesn’t have a nametag, customers may feel intimidated and desist from asking questions or giving a compliment. A name badge makes employees approachable, allowing your company to seem friendlier and more welcoming.

Do you know what happens when clients have connected with staff from your business? The client’s confidence level skyrockets. At this point, it’s easy to convince the client to purchase.

7. Helps to Troubleshoot Issues

When problems arise in your workplace and a client needs to report the problem, it’s much easier for them to know the staff by name. With your staff wearing a name badge, the customers can easily ‘call them out’ if the need arises.

On a positive note, the employee name badge allows the management, business owners and customers to reward exemplary customer service.

8. Promotes Professionalism

Giving your staff IDs bearing their names and the company logo adds an extra level of professionalism to your business. This, in turn, makes your business more attractive to potential customers. An employee badge is a quick way for your clients to be able to prove that the person serving them has the power to deliver.

Staff badges will also encourage your customers into trusting different or new staff much faster. This is because staff ID offers customers an aspect of familiarity.

9. Enhances Communication

Ever walked through the front office desk and wrongfully asked a fellow customer a question about the business simply because you thought they work there? Did you find it embarrassing? This is a common mistake in businesses where employees don’t wear tags. After such an embarrassing encounter, some customers leave your business premises immediately.

In the service industry, staff are encouraged to make friends with customers in less than a minute. The best way to make a friend is to tell your name to customers. This promotes disclosure and makes the customer feel comfortable.

It’s also easier to communicate when people know each other’s names. This is particularly necessary for big companies where there are different departments. Nametags break barriers between departments and make it easy for colleagues to interact.

Using Employee Name Badges Is Critical for the Success of Modern Businesses

Whether you’re trying to enhance communication, boost employee reliability or improve security, employee name badges are a proven means to enhance these things. This is why you need to make name badges part of your corporate culture.

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